Monday, 29 June 2015

Invasion USA 1922 - STONE FALLS part 2

Spread the Word!!  Panic spreads through the US ranks...

Trumpets blast out!!  US Ace Freddy RickenBurger arrives...

While Canadian Ace 'Moose' LaRue is a terror to the US troops

The Canadian Rapid Deployment Force advances 

BOOM! Go 'Moose' Go....

Freddy RickenBurger's SPAD is put onto full throttle..

The northern Canadian column comes into view of the US 75mm gun

Great dice rolls by Jenny & the Canadian Armored car goes up..

The pesky US machine gun slows down the other column

'Moose' LaRue is all over the battlefield 

Freddy RickenBurger can't catch 'Moose' & strafes the ground forces instead 

The US gunners mount a brave defense, but the odds are against them

With the bridge blocked, the Canadians have to cross the river 'the old way' 

'Moose' LaRue, terror of the skies!

The advance is held up, time for a few re-adjustments

Oh no! good PiPs for the US & Freddy RickenBurger catches up with 'Moose'

It's slow going crossing that bridge....

NOOOOO!  'Moose' LaRue, Hero of Canada, RIP 


The bridge is taken, onward!

The US 75mm is finally silenced

Clash of Armored Cars....

Freddy RickenBurger strafes the Cavalry

Canadian Infantry capture the other bridge

Canadian small arms fire sends RickenBurger packing with a 'Flee' result

It's a desperate defense of the cross roads

'That Pesky Machine Gun' is finally destroyed

The Canadian Infantry catch up & add support to the attack

With losses growing Rickenburger heads for the main bridge, but his SPAD is knackered

BOOM!  Up goes the US Armored Car, with horrendous losses the US force is broken & retreats

Great game, both bridges became horrible 'bottlenecks' & really slowed the advance.  The next game we'll include extra elements from Hordes In The Trenches, when the US Strikes Back!

Sad reading for the US public the next day lol!!!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Invasion USA 1922 Intro

Invasion USA 1922

STOP US AGGRESSION!! (again... lol!) 
                               CANADA INVADES THE USA!!

Summer 1922, US officers have been captured whilst spying on key Canadian facilities.  Under interrogation, US plans are revealed that a invasion of Canada is to take place.  The Canadian Government led by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King initiate "Defence Scheme Number 1".  The Canadian Rapid Deployment Force is ordered to cross the border & capture strategic US locations.  A cry for help goes out to the British Empire..!  

"Total Nonsense" I hear you say.  Well perhaps not completely, the US did have WAR PLAN RED & in response the Canadians did come up with DEFENCE SCHEME No 1.    Bizarre, considering WW1 had just been fought.

Anyway, off we went to the MR.F's War Bunker & set about a series of linked games.  Using the superb Hordes in the Trenches Rules, a hard hitting Canadian force was arrayed.  Aeroplanes, Armored cars, Truck, Artillery, Rifles, Mg's, Mortars & Cavalry.  A smaller US National Guard Force was pitted against them.  Objectives, seize the two bridges crossing the US town of Stone Falls, then destroy the railway station & supply dump.  Most of the figures used are from our 15mm WW1 collection, a few special pieces were put together for the campaign...

STONE FALLS, the battlefield.

The town & objectives

The bridges over Stone River

The Canadian Rapid Deployment Force

1st Column

2nd Column

US 75mm Artillery control the heights outside Stone Falls

US Armored Cars & Troop Transport ready to deploy

Canadian General Staff

Bristol Fighter ready to strafe the Yanks

"Onward! for Canada"

"Ready the guns, the Canadians are here!"

Dagga Dagga Dagga.....

Tune in next time, for the rest of the battle!

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Polystyrene Cutter, lovely, lovely, lovely....

A recent purchase, a Polystyrene Hot wire Cutter &  I am very impressed with it! Spare cash for those projects is at a premium with everyone at the moment.  We do need some extra large hills, but I've been put off by the prices companies charge.  For a spectacular £20 in steps the Startec Cutter.  A couple of 'AA' batteries are needed & off you go.  The kit comes with 3 wires, one needs attaching & then switch it on.  I am now a man possessed, no polystyrene is safe in the 'Fazzy Mansions!'  Now, where is that paint..?

Here's the link to the Startec Cutter :

The Beast

Oh Lovely Hills

More potential works of art

Trench sections?

Possibilities... ponder ponder ponder.