Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How's it going MrF? Xrimbo 2012

Well MrF, it hasn't really.  I can't believe it's August since our last post, so what's changed?  Well Amy has started Senior School, age 11-16, a new school, new friends, new hobbies so sadly Dad & gaming has been left behind.  First Jack 'The Petulant One' now Amy 'Talk Back Queen'.  What is it about kids hitting 11 & going to Senior School, aarrgh queue the attitudes! To be fair work has took it's toll & the motivation for the hobby has rapidly disappeared.

Normally I look forward to game shows but this year they have been a total washout.  We usual get to at least four, but sadly this time round it has been only 3, York - Vapartnak, Leeds - Fiasco & Middlesbrough - Smoggycon. I love spending my cash, but it was very hard to part with it at all the shows.  Plus is it me OR are the wares on offer a lot more expensive?  It seemed so to me, even the explosion of 2nd hand figure sellers seemed to charge a fortune.

Anyway, in general, for a number of reasons, the hobby has took a big step backwards in the humble Fazzy Abode. Who knows if it will improve, I hope so next year.  Here's some piccies of our visit to Leeds, Fiasco Show held at the Royal Armouries (Free entry to the Armouries).  The Fiasco Show was held across the square in the ahem 'renamed' Conference Hall.....

The Royal Armouries - A MUST VISIT

The Horrors 

Guns, Pikes, Sword, Armour - lots of them....

Armoured Jumbo


Amy & a lovely Broadsword

Samurai Armour

This stuff looks familiar

Amy would like to be a Riot Police Officer one day....

The girls


The catapults only £3 a go


Lots of displays covering many conflicts, this one Indian Sepoy Uniforms
Sudan Conflict

Smashing, The Battle of Pavia display
Modern Conflict

Gatling Guns....


Horsemen through the Ages

Amy the Bren Gunner

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year....

Friday, 31 August 2012

DBN6 'Clash at Mockern' 1813 Allies vs French

Another Napoleonic Germany 1813 clash now, with our take on the Battle of Mockern.  Again using a free download from the nice chaps at KISR: 

For our game, we put ALL the forces on the table at once.  A bit tougher for the French (yours truly), whilst General Amy took the Allies.  the game would last 21 turns, the first to ten points would be the winner.  3 points were awarded for the capture of Mockern, which would be classed as a BUA Built Up Area for a defender, resulting in a big defence bonus.  The other villages would be classed as Fortifications.  Again DBN rules. 

The French forces took a defensive line from Mockern to Podelwitz, impregnable I thought till Amy put on her troops, 'EErrmm' I then thought....

Prussian troops advance at Mockern 1813

The Battlefield, Russians in Green, Prussians in Dark Blue

Mockern with French Marines in support.

The Russian lines

The Russian Grand Battery opens up on the French Artillery entrenched on the hill

The Prussian Infantry advance

The fortifications count for nothing as the French Artillery is destroyed.

Mass Cavalry clash in the north, as the Infantry engage.

Up close, Prussian Elite troops attack the French

But are forced back...

Elite French Marines would form the backbone of the French defence, they fought well.

Turn 6 & the French reinforcements arrive

Amy forces the Prussians forward again & again.

Prussian & French Cavalry, a back & forth clash all day

The French attack forcing back the Prussians

First blood to Ze French....

The Russian attack on Mockern starts...

To take Mockern would take a lot of units.  The hill would have to be taken first....

Awesome.... Mass Cavalry clash. 2 Nil to the French

Another view of the battlefield, from behind the Allied lines....

As Harry Hill would say.... FFFFFIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

The Prussians storm Podelwitz....

Resulting in them capturing it (I know it's  a Russian Flag...no comments please..lol)

Oh no, the shame!!  A 'winded' French Cavalry Brigade is destroyed by.... Cossacks UUUrrggh!

The Russians take the French Fortifications on Mockern hill.

The Allied Cavalry is winning

But Hey! Superb French counter attacks destroys the Prussians....

Onward roll the Russians....

Casualties in the North, change the face of the battle....

Amy launches her Prussian Landwher units into the battle..

AAArrggh! The Prussian Elite Grenadiers finally show their stuff!!!!

Amy unleashes the Russian Grand Battery on Mockern

A few rounds of movement & the Allied attack goes in...

In the North both sides take time to re-organise....

The lines clash in the South....

Who would take the day???

The Russian guns go BOOM BOOM BOOOOOMMM!!!!

Breakthrough by the Prussian Grenadiers....

AAArrghhh!  The Russians as well!

D'Oh! Crappy PiP dice for the French when they are needed.....

In go the French Cavalry for a last Huzzah!

Prussian Cannister & 'heroic' Landwher musketry sends them packing...

Allied Cavalry looks to exploit the breakthrough in the French Lines...

The French Cavalry counter attack fizzles out....

FeldMarshall Amy is winning the day.. again!!!

I withdraw the remnants of the French in the North to 'save casualties'

Rahoo! The Heroic French Marines!!!

Amy forces my forces back & launches a Mass Attack on Mockern......

Mockern Falls!!! Victory for Amy's Pwussians & Wussians!!!

The Final Battlefield..... A good scrap

Grand FeldMarshall PiPPin Von Krums After Action Analysis

Rolling poor PiP dice is never helpful
'Cavalry attacks without infantry support'...tsk tsk tsk
I LOVE BONIO's ruff ruff ruff