Monday, 16 August 2010

DBACrimea1 - Breakout from Calamita Bay

Poor old Turkey...

The Allied Army has landed at Calamita Bay.  Lord Cardigan is placed in command of the advanced force with orders to push forward & protect the beachead.  A sizeable Russian force has orders to attack the beach, game on!

For these particular games, we'll be using an article from Wargames Illustrated, it has basic troop types & factors.  It is only a small article, but it was a nice change & reflects troop characteristics of the time.

WI 101 Crimea DBA'd

 For our little game we went with the armies that appeared in the two previous posts.  The British would go with a 12 element army, while the Russians would have more elements but of a lesser troop quality.  That would mean that the Russians would have 6 breakpoint, the British 4.

Breakout from Calamita Bay initial set-up
The Russians would start with ALL their elements on the table.  The Brits would have only Cardigan & some of the Light Cavalry Brigade, the Rifle Brigade & Highlanders.  Other units would arrive as PiPs would allow each turn later.

The Russians! Main Infantry force in column on the road.

Cardigan leads forward the British Hussars & Light Dragoons.
The Rifles move quickly through the village.
The Russians would attack the village in force.
The Highlanders arrive!
Cardigan deploys the Light Cavalry.
In go the Russians...painfully slowly...
BOOM! The British Horse Artillery takes out some Cossacks.
Russian firepower forces back the Rifles!
The firefight was intense... A British loss
The battle for the village, the Russians press hard.
The British Horse Artillery strike again!
Cardigan prepares for a charge!
The Rifles prove their quality.
The Russians smash into the Highlanders.
With Even results....
The Highlanders battle through.. helped by a poor Russian die roll
The Russians are winning the battle for the village though.
The British Cavalry are on a roll!
Victory for the British as another Russian Infantry is put to the sword...
Final positions...

RaHoo for the British!  The forces move on from Calamita Bay..   A nice little game, the troop characteristics worked well, the Russians were slow but tough fighters.  Pity that the Russian Artillery didn't get involved, they were out of range & in the end PiPs never went to them.  The British Horse Artillery was brilliant, the Cossacks were poor, something to take into the next games.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Crimean War British

Here's a 12 element British Army for the Crimean War.  A mixed bag, some are Minifigs, Freikorp & Cardigan is Eureka.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Crimean War Russians

Here's a basic Crimean War Russian Army.  This one will comprise of Infantry, Hussar Cavalry, Cossack Cavalry, Skirmishers, Artillery and a General.  We'll be using an article from Wargames Illustrated 101 (when it had the black cover and was very good, instead of the 'Flames of War White Dwarf effort' it is today...)

Crimean War Russian
1 General, 6 x Rifles, 1 x Skirmisher, 1 x Cavalry, 4 x Cossack, 1 x Artillery

Oh those Russians!!


Russian Infantry

Orrible Cossacks...