Friday, 21 August 2015

DBN7 Battle of Runa 1808 Part 2

Part 2 to the Battle of Runa.  The French have crossed the river in force.  Could they hold the ground in time for reinforcements to arrive OR could the Allies give them a 'damn good thrashing'.....

The French Columns pile into the Allied line

The Battlefield, that crossroads looks a bit 'unprotected'....

The French Heavies pile into the Allies, however the Dragoons come up just short to help

French Cavalry race ahead of the 2nd Division 

But in the north, the 2nd Division Infantry arrive

Despite good advantages on the dice, the French can't make an impact

The 'Dreaded 6-1' on the combat dice, down go the Cuirassiers, SPAV is distraught!

At last, the French take out some Allied infantry

OOOOhhh... I like this match up, British Cavalry vs French Light

Overlaps! Down go the French

Break Through!!!!  The French Light peg it & the field is open...

The French are pinned to a pocket


Allied firepower forces back the French Dragoons

Poor PiPs for SPAV & the Allied Cavalry slowly grinds the French down 

At last! The French Light Cavalry arrive, could they save the day?

In go the British Heavies.....

Poor PiPs & the French pocket is left stranded.....

The combat advantage for Heavy Cavalry begins to count & forces back the French

However, success for the dandy Chasseurs...

It's still a long way to that bridge

OOOhh... SPAVs revenge? He gangs up on the British Heavy Dragoons

On the northern bridge, a massive French Column slams into the Portugese

The Big F is dancing the 'Macarena' as SPAV holds his head in shame...

To make it worse, the poor Portugese hold the crossing

Only, to force back the French with firepower...BOOM!

Battle of the Bulge?

Slowly the French are forced back

Another casualty

The French Artillery prove a success & eliminate some Highlanders

Again, the British Heavy Dragoons take on all comers!

Go on!
(Nice bridge, MDF from 4Ground minis... width the size of a DBA base as well)

Finally, the French bash the Portugese...

British firepower finally takes out the French Dragoons

SPAV launches a French 'Deep Strike' into the Allied rear

The Battle overview

The French 'Deep Strike'' has some success.  HOPE springs to mind...

Again Allied firepower forces back the French column

HOPE is the denial of reality though.....

Allied numbers count & the French pocket is slowly mopped up

Casualties mass & the 1st French Division breaks, good PiPs are needed to hold the forces in place.

SPAV rolls a '1',  the French Infantry FLEE avoiding Allied troops straight into the Rio Sizandro.
On the Allied turn, all 3 units are within range of the British Light Dragoons & are eliminated.

The French throw in the towel & retreat back across the bridges.
Under cover of darkness they quit the field

The French casualties...

Off to the pub for post match 'ponder'.   SPAV admitted he was quite surprised how the DBN rules went.  He admitted they gave a 'fun' game & the mechanics were solid.  The turning point was losing the Cuirassiers, leaving the crossroads wide open.  Poor PiP rolls gave limited options at the height of the battle, reinforcements being just out of reach.

Well be having another game in future, a follow on to this one with the Allies attacking.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Napoleonic French Artillery

Here's our 15mm French Artillery after the '2015 Imperial Army Re-organisation'.  For our DBN games, I've decided to represent 8pdr for Divisional Artillery & 12 Pdr for Corps Artillery.  'Crewing's' being 4 figures for the 8Pdr & 6 for the 12Pdr.  Hopefully this will give French Armies an Artillery advantage in our games. Horse Artillery will be represented by 3 figure crews.  I used a combination of paint layering & miracle wax shade washes.  I'm glad they're finished, it was becoming a 'drag' painting them.

I will only be sticking with the French & Anglo-Allied armies for 15mm.  The Peninsular being the main theatre, though I do have an eye on the 100 days...  For other conflicts, our 6mm stuff will cover Russians & Austrians.

I don't know who made the Artillery pieces.  The figures are from Lancashire Games, good value, nice looking & easy to paint.  Superb service, they arrived within 2 days of ordering.  The BEST mailing service I've received by far from any manufacturer.  Link == Lancashire Games

12 Pdr  French Batteries with 6 figure crews

Reverse view

A mixture of clothing for the uniforms

8 Pdr Batteries, 4 figure crews

Reverse view

Comparison, Howitzer, 8 Pdr & 12 Pdr