Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Indian Mutineers 1857-1859

'Throw the White Sahibs out of India....!'

Well here we go again, Down with the British. This time it's the Indian Mutiny or Sepoy Rebellion or Great Rebellion, whatever take your pick. Reading into the events, it was a very brutal affair. Here's a link to Wikipedia for a bit of further reading....
There is no specific Army in the DBA 1500-1900 lists so this is what we went with.

Indian Mutineers 1857-59
6x4 Muskets (Rebel Indian Infantry), 1x3 Cavalry, 2x2 Light Horse,
2x Cannon, 8x Fanatic, 2x2 Psiloi.

I reckon these will give the Brits a run for their money, hopefully we'll get a few linked games run soon. Plus we've built enough troops for a double sized game...

The Indian Mutineers


Fanatics & Cannons

Rebel Indian Muskets

More Fanatics

Indian Leader

Indian Sepoys, in a mix of British uniform & native clothing.

Indian Horse

Indian Cannons
(Normally British Guns, but we picked these up at a show they'll do..)

Waarrgghh! the mighty Indian Fanatic....

Fast moving Psiloi


Steve Turner said...

Looks like good fun. How many figures/bases are involved MrF? And what scale & make of figures are you using for your Indian revolt?
As always, most enjoyable to read and the photos first class.


mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Steve.

The great DBA 1500-1900 extensions by Tony Barr (link above left) have a section in for Colonial Armies. The British have a bog standard 12 base Army while Native Armies are usually about 24 element strong. This one & the Boxer Armies I pieced together. I don't have a scale in mind at present. We have two scenarios we can run from the Wargame, Soldiers & Strategy mag on the Indian Mutiny. The figures are a mixture, picked up from all over. I know there are Essex & Irregular in there...

I've heard that Alex Testo (DBN author)is putting together a DBx based Colonial rules set hopefully that will be worth looking at.

mrfarrow2u said...

Ooopps.. Navigation problem (Above right, I should of said).