Monday, 10 August 2009

Indian Mutiny British 1857-1859

I've been bitten by the bug again... This time it's the Victorian British in India, but also the Afghan Wars & then I thought 'well why not the Crimea' as well. So the first phase of this current project is to build and run some Indian Mutiny Armies. I've picked up a few books on the period & dug deep through the various wargames mags stored in the Fazzy archives... The best being Ospreys Indian Mutiny & The North West Frontier. Donald Featherstones Victorian Colonial Warfare in India. Plus last, but by no means least, Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy #39 covering the Indian Rebellion. Eventually, we'll also build & morph armies for the North West Frontier, Sikh Wars & the Crimea.

First up though, using the DBA 1500-1900 Army lists, the Victorian British Army. The list is pretty robust & covers a multitude of years & campaigns, but it's a good starting point.

Indian Mutiny British 1857-1859
4xRifles; 2x Muskets[Natives]; 1x Cannon; 2x Knights; 1x LtHorse;
1x Rifle or Jager; 1x Cannon or Jager; 1x Leader.

British Foot Artillery

British Rifles

Loyal Indian Troops as Muskets

British Light Dragoons as Knights

British Heavy Dragoons as Knights

Indian Light Horse, 2nd Punjab Cavalry (Probyn's Horse)

Nice & Pompous Victorian General

Native Rifles, Ghurka Infantry
Jagers in the form of Ghurkas


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Yet again you have produced some really nice-looking figures for a very under-gamed period. Good luck to you with this new project.

Bob Cordery

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Bob, It's gone really well up to now. The Indian Army is well under way & I've just received a copy of 'Mangal Pandey' a film about the Indian Mutiny - I'll give it a watch tonight.

MrF, Jack & Amy

Peeler said...

Yep, yet again it's looking good,as always,looking forward to the game reports!

Steve Turner said...

My favourite book about The Mutiny is the one written by Saul David (just titled "The Indian Mutiny"). He certainly knows his subject, and it's one of the tomes which originally got me interested in the Colonial period.


mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Peeler & Steve... The Indian Army is on it's way.

Mr.F Jack & Amy