Sunday, 8 January 2012

DBN British vs French 'Torre del Puerto'

Peninsular action now, British Light Dragoons versus French Dragoons. 
A DBN game now & the Battle of Torre del Puerto.  Fictional battle between ze French & British Allies.  The latter are heavy on the Light troops, 4 British Rifles, 2 Portugese, 2 Muskets & 2 Cavalry.  The Spanish troops come in the form of 4 elements of Partisans.  The French forces consist of 5 Light Infantry, 4 Muskets, 1 Elite Muskets & 3 Dragoons (treat as skirmishing Cavalry with the ability to dismount & fire).  Amy took the Anglo Spanish force.

The battlefield

The Spanish town

British Rifles advance

The Spanish head straight for the town

The Rifles open up

Ze French return fire

On the other flank, 1st blood to the Allies

Superior firepower adds another casualty

Poor PiPs & I have to re-deploy the Dragoons

The Aliied Brits are ruthless in the advance.

Amy sends in the Cavalry

The French act quicker & run down the Skirmishers

The French Grenadiers lead the column

Two onto one...

Amy pours on the firepower

The French Light Infantry are hit hard

Boo Hoo!
Better PiPs & the other flank is stabilized

Come on!

French Muskets are sent to anchor the other flank

Nice view of the town

The British Muskets finally arrive

Cavalry clash

One back for ze French

Next round & the Muskets open up

The Portugese occupy the building, the Grenadiers would remove them

I manage to outnumber the British Cavalry 

Those pesky Rifles.....

The Portugese are thrown out...

There's hope for the French!

Amy tots up the combat factors & decides more troops are needed to dislodge the French Grenadiers

The French Light troops peg it after a bad result...

Queue the fiddle music, I've heard that tune before......

Nice view from the French lines....but it's victory for the British Allies

AAAArrggh! Major casualty of the day..  PIPPIN!!!

Amy takes the day, the British Rifles proved far too strong for my poor French Light Infantry.  Poor PiPs at the start & I spent too long getting the other troops involved.  The French Dragoons were a waste, I should of got normal Cavalry. 

General PiPPin Von Krums

After Action Analysis

"God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best"

"Concentrate your firepower & always gang up on your enemies"

"Never leave the table unguarded from Dachshunds....ruff ruff"


Ray Rousell said...

Great post, it looked a fun game, shame about the casualties (last pic) Get the superglue out!!!!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Ray! It looks like we cannot leave any gameboard out now until 'the little rascal' matures a bit... :-O

Rodger said...

Excellent report. Love the photos, except for the last one. Great looking game.