Wednesday, 18 April 2012

DBA 15-19K Choshu Samurai vs British - Shimonoseki

Dandy British Sailors & Marines take the Choshu Samurai guns at Shimonoseki

British Marines get ready to 'pile ashore'
Hello everyone, it seems like an eternity that we've been away, probably because it has!  Work has took it's toll, Amy, my opponent is doing many other hobbies, so our time together has been very limited.  Coupled with that is that dreaded 'wargamers block', I haven't picked a paint brush up in 6 months, so the enthusiasm has dropped.  Since our 'room switch around' we also don't have a permanant table, so we can't leave a game for a few days & come back to it.  Such is life, maybe we'll be able to get back into the hobby soon.

Anyway, this particular game, I'd been looking at a few months ago.  I'd read about it in Donald Featherstones 'Colonial Small Wars 1837-1901', a cracking book if you can get it.  I was pleased to see Wargames Illustrated April 2012 cover the build up & battle.  Victorian Brits versus the Samurai! What a prospect with the Battle of Shimonoseki, which took place in 186-something.  Featherstone has 1864, Wikipedia another & WI another.  Anyway read the background by clicking on the Wikipedia link above... 

In our game it would be ten elements of British Rifles, Marines & Sailors.  The Choshu Samurai would have more elements, 2 Cavalry(Samurai), 1 Artillery, 6 Auxillia(Ashigaru), 4 Blades(Samurai), 4 Jaegers(Ashigaru).  We would be using the trsuty & stalwart DBA 15-19K rules.  Amy took the Samurai & I the Brits, would the Samurai become 'rifle fodder' OR would the Dandy Navy lads get cut to bits..? 
The Battlefield, the Sailors would take the Guns, the Marines battle the Samurai.

The Choshu Guns

The Brits march to battle.

The Samurai advance to meet them..

The Marines are split into 2 forces.

Rifles lash out & the Ashigaru Gun is destroyed.

The Brave Ashigaru charge in, but are cut to pieces.

Magnificent! In go the Samurai.....

TheSamurai are sent reeling...

The remaining Ashigaru can't get close..

The Sailors storm the guns

In go the Samurai again, Foot troops & the Cavalry prepare to charge.

The Ashigaru would be sacrificed...

Still the British Marines stand tall!

Attack!! Attack!!! Kill the Barbarians!!!

Could the Samurai Cavalry turn the battle?

A sneaky flank attack from the Sailors & another Samurai bites the dust..

The British Sailors make short work of the Ashigaru...

The 'end is nigh' for the Samurai, in more ways than one!

'Capture the Guns'

The End & the Samurai Army breaks...

A nice little game, extra possibilities & the attack on the Choshu Garrison.  Perhaps a British force could man some fortifications & be attacked by an even larger force??  Until the next bout of enthusiasm...... :-)
General PiPPiN Von Krums After Action Analysis

British Rifles are supreme don't mess with them!
Mass your Samurai & try for overlaps!
Wars of pen & ink lead to wars of cannon & bayonet!


kingsleypark said...

Glad you have managed to get the wargaming mojo back. It can be hard at times to get the creative juices flowing but great report! Another victory for British pluck

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

It may have been some time since your last blog entry ... but the wait was more than worth it!

You continue to show ingenuity when it comes to finding 19th century battles to fight. Long may you do so!

All the best,


Don M said...

Very interesting battle, well done!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers fellas! Thanks for the comments.