Monday, 7 May 2012

BOO! BLogger... BOO!

I'm not happy, BLOGGER - GOOGLE have raised the amount of cash they want for storage of images.  We currently pay a vast $5 a year for 20 GB.... HOWEVER they have now changed the storage plans.  The 'Highway Robbers' now want $2.50 a MONTH !  That in my book is big increase in money, BANG out of ORDER Google!!! I don't mind paying a fee, but this is being forced onto users.

So! I'm in a grump, do we change blogs?  Do we pay the fee?  Who knows I will be mulling it over.  We don't use anywhere near the 20 GB storage, I believe it was 1.5 GB for all our piccies.  The other option would be to reduce our storage, very tricky getting under the 1GB free storage Google offer.  BOO! Google BOO!!!!


Kaptain Kobold said...

I still don't entirely understand Google's storage limits - one part I read suggested that if you blow the limit you can still upload them, but that anything over a certain size would automatically be resized. In addition images below a certain size don't count towards your storage.

I'll find out if I'm right in a few months when my profligate picture posting finally catches up with me :)

MrFarrow2U said...

It really is annoying. I've took the hump & thought about switching blogs, however realistically re-building the two blogs elsewhere would be a nightmare. I read a bit that if you don't change anything they'll charge the same plan. I'll leave my details in google & see what they charge on the 19th when fees are due.


Kaptain Kobold said...

Are these the terms under which you;re operating? :


If so, you might want to read this link from it:

Free Limits

My impression, which may be wrong, is that if your pictures are at or below 2048 pixels each side then they don't count towards your free storage limit and, in addition, if you blow the limit then any subsequent pictures you upload will just be resized.

Obviously if you're using the storage for genuine online photo storage, size limits are to be avoided. But if they are just pictures for blog posts then they don't need to be that big - you can resize them, even after upload, I think, and they then don't count towards the limit.

But I'm still not entirely sure I'm right. I try to avoid leaving picture uploaded directly from my phone or camera on my blog; I work through them and resize them so that the longest edge is about 2000 pixels. This also helps speed up how quickly an individual post loads - important if you have heaps of pictures in it.

Hope this helps.

Kaptain Kobold said...

Sorry, me again. I've been doing some experimentation.

Assuming you're hosting your blog pictures in Picasa/Google, pictures that are no more than 2048 pixels on their longest side don't count against your storage limits. For example, I have posted over 300 pictures on my blog, and Picasa tells me I am currently using 0% of my 1GB limit.

I just wonder if you might be paying for picture storage you don't need.

MrFarrow2U said...

No mate your right, however we have a lot of photos from the blogs. In future I'll have to stick with the 2000 pixels limit. The good news is google have just sent us the bill for $5.75 which is the 20 GB storage -- I can live with that!

All the Best