Friday, 12 June 2015

Polystyrene Cutter, lovely, lovely, lovely....

A recent purchase, a Polystyrene Hot wire Cutter &  I am very impressed with it! Spare cash for those projects is at a premium with everyone at the moment.  We do need some extra large hills, but I've been put off by the prices companies charge.  For a spectacular £20 in steps the Startec Cutter.  A couple of 'AA' batteries are needed & off you go.  The kit comes with 3 wires, one needs attaching & then switch it on.  I am now a man possessed, no polystyrene is safe in the 'Fazzy Mansions!'  Now, where is that paint..?

Here's the link to the Startec Cutter :

The Beast

Oh Lovely Hills

More potential works of art

Trench sections?

Possibilities... ponder ponder ponder.

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