Monday, 7 May 2012

DBC Battle of Roodewal 1900

Hard Boer Geezers

"Roodewal (7 June 1900) After the occupation of Bloemfontein and Pretoria, the British army became dependent on the railway for transporting their required war provisions. Gen de Wet saw his chance of acquiring provincial at Roodewal station near Bloemfontein and decided to attack the station on 7 June 1900. He succeeded in overpowering the garrison and made off with goods worth £100 000. Casualties: Boer 8; British 28."

SO... Amy took the role of De Wett & his Kommando, yours truly the British.  The Boer force consisted of Elite Mounted Skirmishers, which could dismount when needed.  The British garrison at Roodewal consisted of a Maxim Gun, 5 Infantry & 2 Skirmishers.  Reinforcements would arrive if a successful activation roll was made.

For the Boers to win, they would have to destroy the buildings & supplies located at Roodewal Station, destroying British elements would not count.  To destroy a Building/supplies, a Boer element would have to spend one complete round in base to base contact.  The British had to destroy 4 Boer elements...  Game on!

The Battlefield at Roodewal

The British Garrison, barbed wire, troops & Maxim gun

The Boers swiftly attack

The Boers dismount, ready for some shooting

A British element in a 'Fortified' position

Boer firepower forces back a British element

One British casualty, but the British Skirmishers close the distance

On the other flank the Boers get ready to torch the supplies.

The Maxim gun changes its position, ready to 'Mow the Boer'

Boo! Amy's giggling & the Supplies are torched!

A poor die roll for the Maxim Gun & the Boers escape...

The main Boer force attack

HooRar! The British reinforcement roll is made...

The Maxim gun is destroyed & so is a Boer raider.

The British Skirmishers combine to destroy the Boer.

The clocks ticking now, Amys Boers pile in, British PiPs are woeful....

Burn baby Burn...

Another Boer casualty, but I can feel this one slipping away...

Roodewal Burns!!!

British PiPs are dreadful & the reinforcements are 'walking to Roodewal'

Cheeky Monkey Amy... The Boers even nick the Union Jack!

Any time today gentlemen...

De Wett has the right idea....

It's left to the British Skirmishers to try & save the day...

'You're too bloody late'

With 3 objectives torched, Amys Boers now leg it....

Gloating is a wonderful thing....

Nice game, a pity the British Reinforcements were a bit late.  The Boers were always going to win that one.  The Maxim Gun was pants, typical really.  Well given the situation with Google, that might be the last post for a while.. We shall see.

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Rolling 6's always helps
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Kaptain Kobold said...

Ah, the gloat of a victorious daughter. I remember it well (mine was at a 'Hordes of the Things' competition, where, at the tender age of about 9, she beat me in front of all of my friends :) )

MrFarrow2U said...

They're little horrors aren't they they always roll 6's :-)