Friday, 19 June 2015

Invasion USA 1922 Intro

Invasion USA 1922

STOP US AGGRESSION!! (again... lol!) 
                               CANADA INVADES THE USA!!

Summer 1922, US officers have been captured whilst spying on key Canadian facilities.  Under interrogation, US plans are revealed that a invasion of Canada is to take place.  The Canadian Government led by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King initiate "Defence Scheme Number 1".  The Canadian Rapid Deployment Force is ordered to cross the border & capture strategic US locations.  A cry for help goes out to the British Empire..!  

"Total Nonsense" I hear you say.  Well perhaps not completely, the US did have WAR PLAN RED & in response the Canadians did come up with DEFENCE SCHEME No 1.    Bizarre, considering WW1 had just been fought.

Anyway, off we went to the MR.F's War Bunker & set about a series of linked games.  Using the superb Hordes in the Trenches Rules, a hard hitting Canadian force was arrayed.  Aeroplanes, Armored cars, Truck, Artillery, Rifles, Mg's, Mortars & Cavalry.  A smaller US National Guard Force was pitted against them.  Objectives, seize the two bridges crossing the US town of Stone Falls, then destroy the railway station & supply dump.  Most of the figures used are from our 15mm WW1 collection, a few special pieces were put together for the campaign...

STONE FALLS, the battlefield.

The town & objectives

The bridges over Stone River

The Canadian Rapid Deployment Force

1st Column

2nd Column

US 75mm Artillery control the heights outside Stone Falls

US Armored Cars & Troop Transport ready to deploy

Canadian General Staff

Bristol Fighter ready to strafe the Yanks

"Onward! for Canada"

"Ready the guns, the Canadians are here!"

Dagga Dagga Dagga.....

Tune in next time, for the rest of the battle!

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Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

What a great idea for a campaign! Certainly plausible, and as both sides planned for it, it makes sense to see what might have happened. It is also a great excuse to use lots of different figures and equipment on the tabletop.

I look forward to seeing how the campaign progress.

All the best,


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Bob. I remember watching a BBC documentary about War Plan Red a few years ago & was fascinated. Considering World War One had just finished, it was a strange prospect. However it just goes to show, what a different world it must of been. The British Empire & all that went with it.

While researching into this incident, I came across the 1895 Venezuelan Border Incident, that looks just as promising for a battle.... You don't have any info on Venezuelan Army uniforms for 1895 do you?


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Mr Farrow,

As the Venezuelan Army was organised and trained by a Chilean Army mission, and the Chilean Army wore Prussian-style uniforms, it possible that the Venezuelan Army also wore Prussian-style uniforms.

If I find any further information, I will let you know.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Nice one Bob!


Natholeon said...

Great idea Mr F. Go Canada!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers my friend!

Though Amy & the Yanks are putting up a tough show. Crossing those bridges is proving tough.

all the best