Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DBC Pushahra Valley 2 - Mountain Village Assault

Round 2 of the Afghan Pushahra Valley campaign.  The heroic Anglo-British Army led by the courageous General Sir Hilary-Hogfish march up the Pushahra Valley.  Ahead of them lies the Mountain Village of Puuush.  Little known to the General, is that the dastardly & devious Afghan Warlord 'Pasha Poon' has set a trap.  Thousands of screaming Afghan Warriors are waiting for the intrepid Anglo-Brits...  A stiff upper lip will be required for the journey ahead!

Reinforcements are hard to reach General Sir Hilary-Hogfish.  The Bombay Light Horse arrive, however the 1st Yorks are unable to cover their losses.  One Ghurka Company is upgraded to 'Elite' status, along with the Rifle Company.  This brings the force to 11 & a half points.   Pasha Poon ditches the Afghan Regulars & fill the ranks with a shed load of Afghan Tribesmen.  Roughly half the Afghan force would be on the table at the start.  The second lot would arrive when the Brits take the village.  The Afghan force would also be allowed to deploy on the lower slopes of the valley mountain sides.   The Afghans would consist of Elite Irregular Cavalry, Natives & Shooters.

The open Valley, the village looms in the distance.

The Anglo-Brits deploy.

The Bombay Light Horse forge ahead.

The Afghan Shooters, deployed on the sides of the Valley.

Pasha Poon leads the Afghans forward.

The Rifle Company face the enemy.

The 1st Yorks lead the attack on the village.

The Mountain Gun is deployed

The Indians scrap with the Afghans

First Blood to the Anglo-Brits

The Indians fight their way up the rough Valley 

The 1st Yorks make short work of the Afghans.  The trap is sprung...

The Afghan Reinforcements are mobilized.  The Game now becomes a 'Stand or Die' Scenario.
The Anglo-Brits must now survive 16 Rounds.

For once the Indian infantry performs well.

The Afghan Assault is on!

The Afghan Cavalry Charge in!

Hordes of Afghans swarm the village!

It's a 'poor show' by the 1st Yorks, the curse of rolling a 'one' again.....

NNOOOO!!  The 1st Yorks have fallen!!!
However the Afghans are 'pants' everywhere else....

The Bombay Light Horse are over matched.

The Thin Red line

Mixed results, the Bengal Lancers hold, the Mountain Gun repels, but
the Bombay Light Horse are destroyed.

Will Anglo-British firepower win the day?

Die rolls are superb for the Anglo-Brits.

The Indians & Rifles blow away the Afghans

The Bengal Lancers are also on top form.

Ohh, you can see where this one's going....

Pash Poon leads an Assault himself & is cut down by the ferocious Ghurkas..... 

PiPs are needed to hold the Afghan line, but it's only a matter of time.


More Afghan casualties....

The Afghans leg it from the field.  Hit it, with Land of Hope & Glory! (YouTube Stuart William)

General Sir Hilary-Hogfish & Staff, enjoy a quiet moment after the battle.


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Mr Farrow,

Yet another superb battle report! I always enjoy reading your battle reports, and although DBA/HOTT are not my favourite rules, your wargames go a long way to persuading me to give them another try.

All the best,


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Bob!