Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Maximillian War - Mexican Republican

Ándele! Ándele! Arriba! Arriba! Epa! Epa! Epa! Yeehaw!
                              diddler diddler da da diddler diddler da da!

MrF & Gang are back! The wargaming Mojo has retuned. We're off to sunny Mexico & the strange little part of history surrounding the Maximillian War = queue the Wikipedia Link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximilian_I_of_Mexico

Leader of this happy bunch was Benito Juarez = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benito_Ju%C3%A1rez

Anyway, the Mexican troops could me morphed into some other Armies. I've got cunning plans for a WW1 German/Mexican invasion of the USA.....one for the future.

12 point army

Militia cavalry, Regular Line infantry, Militia Infantry

Mexican General, Militia Artillery, Regular Artillery

Lovely Blue coated Regulars & Militia elements


For Juarez!!!


George Martin said...

Glad to have you and the gang back :-)

I look forward too reading more.

Many thanks,


Silent said...

Hello MrF

Great choice! Many years ago (25!) I came very close to joining the Foriegn Legion and loved reading about Camerone. In fact 'Camerone day' is still celebrated in the Legion today and if my memory serves me well I believe it may be sometime this month.
Good to see you guys back.

John the Red said...

Hi, good to see your back in circulation, always enjoy your battle reports. Whos figures are these for the Mexicans n french?

keep up the good work, and watch out for volcanoes if off to Mexico


John the red