Thursday, 20 February 2020

TY Battle 4 - Recon at Wankendorf

The Warsaw Pact forces have flooded across the West German border.  In the Northern sector, West German forces have given ground.  Reinforcements have quickly been sent to the border.  A British Armored Battlegroup are thrown in to bolster their German Allies.  The sleepy town of Wankendorf, just South of Kiel, is where Recon elements of both forces meet.

We tossed  a coin & Spav got the right to field the Brits.  We used the Recon forces listed in the Team Yankee 'Iron Maiden' Book - 'Covering Force' scenario.   With the Soviets having a few more points, no Air power or Artillery though.

The battlefield, the Soviets attack from the north.

British GPMG teams take up positions in some ruined buildings.

A Troop of Chieftain's cover the main road.
A Scorpion Troop are set in reserve.

A Milan section cover the main road as well.

Mobile Missile launchers cover the hill. 

Another Scorpion Troop cover 'Old Man' Wagner's Farm.

Soviet vehicles advance down the road. 

Another Soviet group heads through the Oil Works. 

T-72's head down the right flank.

British fire rips into the Soviets.

The BMP's fan out.

The flanking force round the rail lines, hoping to engage the Brits. 

Both sides exchange fire.

The Chieftain's move into a new position, their fire is brutal.

The 2nd Scorpion Troop take up position behind a hedge row.

Overview at this stage in the scrap.

Two BMP's in the Oil works are destroyed.

The Soviet Infantry dismount and advance.

The support fire from the T-72's is very poor.

Finally something is going right for the Soviets.
The flanking T-72's open up.

The Soviet fire takes a toll on the Scorpion Troop.
One is destroyed & 3 others are bailed out.

The Chieftain troop re-deploy, while the HQ tank heads along the railway.

The Scorpion's await the Soviet attack from a concealed tree line.

HA! A couple of Scorpion's fail their cross check & are bogged down in the hedges

British fire opens up & the advancing Soviet Infantry are cut to bits.

I try to concentrate fire on those pesky Milan Launchers.... No luck though.

The Soviet attack is bogged down, I can see this one ending rather quickly.

Rolling dice!!

The Scorpion is taken out.

One pesky Milan Launcher is destroyed.

The British turn & the Chieftain HQ closes in.

On the other flank, the Scorpion Troop dispose of the remaining BMP's

Close in, Scorpion versus BMP...

Overview at this stage, the Brits are comfortably holding the Soviets.

More Soviet Infantry are destroyed..

A T-72 from the flanking force is destroyed.

I have had enough & chuck in the towel..

Final Overview.  A sound Soviet thrashing.   Hail to SPAV.

Welcome to WANKENDORF!!!!
(You thought I made the name!   Queue the 'Benny Hill Music')
Visit Wankendorf!!

Well done Spav, he got his defense spot on.  We tried to mirror the forces used in the Team Yankee 'Iron Maiden' scenario, albeit there are different scenario rules for that one.   The Team Yankee rules are simple, but very effective.  You do get a feel for the 'brutal' aspect of Modern combat with them.   More games please! 

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