Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Team Yankee - Ze Germans!

Leopard 2's, two different variants.
However each tank is a whopping 11 points each.

HQ Leopard 2

Super.. Smashing.. Lovely..


Anti-Air with the Gepards...

Boom Boom Boom!

The delightful Roland's 

Sorry, 1980's Grange Hill joke.
(If you get it, you are OLD!)

Ohh...  Tornado's

I went with two different Squadrons...

M113 Mech Platoon

Fliegerfaust Sections.
Armed with Redeye SAM's.

Marder 2 Mech Platoon

Mech Platoon HQ

Forward Observer

Serious Artillery Support.
LAKS Raketenwerfer Battery.

Tank Hunters, the Jaguar.

Mortar M113's

M109 Big Boyz.

Recon Platoon

Luchs Recce

Leopard 1's for the Recon Company.

HQ Leopard 1

I went with the Gelboliv Camo for these,
to make them stand out from the Leopard 2's.

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