Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How's it going MrF? Xrimbo 2012

Well MrF, it hasn't really.  I can't believe it's August since our last post, so what's changed?  Well Amy has started Senior School, age 11-16, a new school, new friends, new hobbies so sadly Dad & gaming has been left behind.  First Jack 'The Petulant One' now Amy 'Talk Back Queen'.  What is it about kids hitting 11 & going to Senior School, aarrgh queue the attitudes! To be fair work has took it's toll & the motivation for the hobby has rapidly disappeared.

Normally I look forward to game shows but this year they have been a total washout.  We usual get to at least four, but sadly this time round it has been only 3, York - Vapartnak, Leeds - Fiasco & Middlesbrough - Smoggycon. I love spending my cash, but it was very hard to part with it at all the shows.  Plus is it me OR are the wares on offer a lot more expensive?  It seemed so to me, even the explosion of 2nd hand figure sellers seemed to charge a fortune.

Anyway, in general, for a number of reasons, the hobby has took a big step backwards in the humble Fazzy Abode. Who knows if it will improve, I hope so next year.  Here's some piccies of our visit to Leeds, Fiasco Show held at the Royal Armouries (Free entry to the Armouries).  The Fiasco Show was held across the square in the ahem 'renamed' Conference Hall.....

The Royal Armouries - A MUST VISIT

The Horrors 

Guns, Pikes, Sword, Armour - lots of them....

Armoured Jumbo


Amy & a lovely Broadsword

Samurai Armour

This stuff looks familiar

Amy would like to be a Riot Police Officer one day....

The girls


The catapults only £3 a go


Lots of displays covering many conflicts, this one Indian Sepoy Uniforms
Sudan Conflict

Smashing, The Battle of Pavia display
Modern Conflict

Gatling Guns....


Horsemen through the Ages

Amy the Bren Gunner

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year....


Kaptain Kobold said...

Don't worry about children and the games. Don't push it, but keep them reminded that they're there if they want to play. Maybe their interests will stray away from them totally, but sometimes, as they get older, they come back to them. Or come back to some form of gaming. My two are 16 and 17, and whilst they don't really do much in the way of miniatures any more, they will play board and card games, and even the odd RPG (my daughter especially, who has become something of a geek). My son has an interest in history from school, so whilst he generally can't be coaxed into wargaming too much, you can at least discuss conflicts with him.

Patience ;) And Happy Christmas.

Natholeon said...

Hey Mr F. Great to see another post, even if it is with the sad news that the kids have gotten too cool for their dad's funny hobby. Have you thought about a bit of solo wargaming?

Chris said...

I hear you on the question of what happens around age 11. Some years ago I ran an after-school "Great Battles" wargaming group for my son's 5th grade class. The boys were all 10 and 11, and it went smashingly. The following year I ran it again. The boys were now 11 and 12, and my expectations for another great year went horribly wrong. Something had happened--almost no one paid attention, thought everything was a huge joke, walked around the classroom instead of attending to business, etc. etc. If I ever run another class, no one over the age of 10 (MAYBE 11), will be let anywhere near the table!

Happy holidays anyway--


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Fellas, I suspect it is the end of an era. Solo Wargaming Natholeon? I dunno mate, I've never relished the thought.

All the Best for the New Year Everyone
Solo MrF......weep weep

Silent said...

Great photos MrF. What a great place!
Solo wargaming, ah yes. Welcome to our world. All the best for the coming year sir to you and your family.

James Fisher, FINS said...

Wonderful photos from the museum Mr F. You can't "leave us", it is in your blood and bigger than us all (ha, ha)!!! Three years ago I thought that I'd sell my collection as I could not see a way of wargaming again. Now, having teamed up with two like-minded blokes, I am back into it with as much passion and interest (and greater opportunities) than when I first started back in the early 80s. I find others blogs to be a great inspiration and interest too.
So, I'm sure that you will find some way to continue the hobby and I look forward to another of your wonderful game reports when you do.