Monday, 6 May 2019

Team Yankee - Czechoslovak Army

The Mighty Czechoslovak People's Army!!!   A few pix from the 6mm army that I'm currently building.  Obviously uses a lot of Soviet kit, but the Army Build points are lot cheaper.  For the sacrifice of of a few higher scores on the quality die rolls, the cost of unit formations are lowered.   For instance a ten tank company of  Czechoslovak T-72's are 27 points compared with the equivalent Soviet company being 47 points...  Bring on the Hordes!!!!!!   

A hundred point Czechoslovak Army is a bit of a monster.  Plus the camo scheme is somewhat spiffing.   At a push,  it can also double for an Iraqi Army in Oil War. 

A couple of T-55AM2 Companies, this lot a snip for 21 points!!! 

Cannon Fodder or they will sweep around the flanks...

I've settled with a Tank commander figure & 2 aerials for ALL Company HQ tanks.

WayHay!  Hordes of BTR-60's
A 'large' wheeled Motor Rifle Company consists 11 transports, 10 Rifle teams, 9 RPG teams, with a few extra point options for Anti Tank, Anti Air & Grenade Launchers. 

Up close, the make is Scotia Grendel.

OT-64 APC's & the large infantry units.

Anti Tank, Anti Air, Grenade Launcher & Machine gun sections.

BTR-60's with Rifle section & RPG team.
A Large Czechoslovak Motor Rifle Company will cost 13 points.... wow!

The Team Yankee Supplement.
Paperback & comes with about 30 Unit Cards.


Shephard said...

Please, don't call them "Czechs". They are Czechoslovaks. Those are two different things. I quite like the models, though. The camo might not be historically correct, but you did a pretty good job and it looks nice.

MrF said...

Greetings Shephard!

You are correct, I am duly humbled & apologise my friend! I will punish myself by painting more

I've looked at other books (not Team Yankee related) & the camo pattern is different. I've got some extra T-72's & helo's to finish off. The 'Dana' Artillery vehicles are currently getting the final touches. Hopefully get a game going, Czechoslovaks versus Americans.

All the Best