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DBN 31 'Jerome in Russia' Podskoi Valley P1

The third installment of Jerome Bonaparte's ‘Epic Adventures in Russia’.  We played this one a while back, but I’ve took my time editing the pictures.  Spav took the role of Jerome & yours truly the Russians.

The Emperor has tasked his brother with protecting the right flank of advance in Russia.  Jerome has come across a sizable Russian force defending the approach to the city of  Mohilev.  The Emperor has reinforced Jerome with a Corps sized force of Poles & German Allies.   Jerome with his own Corps (weakened by the two previous battles) must destroy the Russians.   A sting in the tail for poor Jerome,  the survivors of the previous Russian forces have banded together & are marching into the flank of Jerome’s force (a random role for force size & which side of the board they would arrive).  We also included a Sub-General for each side, ‘to help the flow of the game’...

Westphalian Corps – King Jerome(CaP -1)
Guard(E)x 1, Muskets x 5, Muskets(M)x 3,Light x 1,
Heavy Cav(E) x 1, Light Cav x 1, Light Cav (M) x 1,
Foot Arty x 1.

Allied Corps – General Slobodovski (CaP 0)
Muskets (Polish) x 6, Muskets (M)(Anhalt) x 4,
Light Cav x 4, Foot Arty x 2.

+ General Baguette(D1-3 CaP).
Total Force = 26 Points

Russian Corps – Baron DooKu (CaP 0)
Grenadier (E) x 2, Muskets x 4, Muskets (M) x 8, Levee x 4, Foot Arty(M)x3, Cossacks x 4.

Relief Russian Corps – General Poppadomov (CaP 0)
Muskets x 4, Light x 3, Light Cav x 2, Cossacks x 3.

+Prince Brewski (D1-3 CaP)
Total Force = 27 Points

(E =Elite troops, M=Militia troops)

View from behind the Allied Corps

View from behind the Westphalian Corps

The Russians hold the Valley.
A strong position between slopes, Artillery on both flanks.

A massed column attack.

The Poles would attack the main Russian line.
The Anhalt troops would take the farmstead.

Ze Germans attack....

A lovely sight, massed Westphalian troops backed by
Heavy Cavalry & the Guard.

The Polish Infantry, another splendid sight.

The Anhalt troops take the farmstead.

The FULL Russian Reinforcements arrive on the Polish left flank.....
The Polish Cavalry hold the flank.

The Allied Corps will have to fight on two sides...

Polish Lancers & Hussars will have to re-deploy.

Just what you need on the CaP die when you are attacked in the flank
 & have to re-deploy your troops...

As cool as Fonzy,
Baguette is sent to help.

The farmstead would be an anchor point on the flank.
But the Polish Infantry advance comes to a halt, under fire of the Russian guns.

The Polish Cavalry has the quality....

The Westphalian column rolls on...

However the Russian troops inflict losses..

Musketry proves too much for the head of the column.

Cossacks are great for those 'Deep Strikes'
General Slobodovski is the target.

The cavalry scrap starts...

'evens' for the first round...

The Westphalian column hits the Russian line.

Some Polish Hussars are sent to halt the Cossack Deep Strike!

However, that shortens the Polish line....

The Anhalt troops are sent to bolster the line...

Another Westphalian casualty!

View from behind the Russian flanking force.

Can the Russians flank the Poles...?
View from behind the main Russian line.

Again, the cavalry casualties are even.

The Polish Hussars destroy the Cossacks though...

Part Two coming up!!!

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