Friday, 29 January 2016

DBN Russians - Artillery 15mm

More Napoleonic Russians, this time the splendid Artillery.  The vast majority are from Lancashire Games again.  There's something about the green/red colour combination that makes them look fantastic (ggggrrr.. Blogger, COLOUR is spelled  The Russians had Heavy & Light Foot Batteries.  Again like our French, 6 figures were used to make up a Heavy 12pdr battery.  4 figures for the Light Foot.  To finish off, we have some Russian Horse Artillery, the type with the Dragoon Helmet, again Lancashire Games.

A Russian Grand Battery of Heavy 12pdr Guns

Minifigs guns, Lancashire Games crew. 

Russian Light Battery

This time, Minifigs crew (from Ebay), Lancashire Games guns.

Russian Horse Artillery

I love these, they are the 'Dogs Bollocks'


Chris said...

I've worried for years about the promiscuous wastage of "u" in British English--colour, neighbour, armour--where will it end?! WHERE WILL IT END?! (And what will the UK do when its strategic reserve of u's has run out--the mind reels.)

Anxiously yours,


MrFarrow2U said...

Nice one Chris,

your comment did make me chuckle! I was just mad at the Blogger text

All the best & worrying with you