Sunday, 24 January 2016

DBN Russians - Cavalry 15mm

Here's some of the Napoleonic Russian Army that I've been building.  Got a few from Ebay, gave them a paint touch up & based them.  Some I've took from our existing Crimean War Russians & gave them a polish up.  The rest are mainly fresh buys from Lancashire Games, I like the look of them, they paint up well & have deep enough cuts to hold the 'miracle wash' I like to use.  Grass tufts from Warpainter.  
Hordes of Irregulars

Cossacks & Bashkirs

A nice mix

Heavy Cavalry, Cuirassiers

From our Crimean Army, given a face lift. 

Loads of Dragoons, Minifigs I believe.

More Dragoons

Light Cavalry, Hussars.  Need some flags now.

More Hussars

Lancashire Games

Light Cavalry, Uhlans


Phil said...

What a splendid collection, love the hussars!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Phil, they have been a joy to build. However I now seem to have TOO many & wonder if they can all appear on the table at once. I have fallen back in love with Napoleonics.