Monday, 18 May 2015

WW1 Americans

Over There! Over There!  The yanks are coming...

Here's some pix of American troops for WW1.  A mix of troops wearing the Montana hat & the British steel helmet.  Mind you, finding troops in the Montana Hat was hard.  Peter Pig figures solved that problem. They produced individual heads, very handy indeed.  Snip off the old head, drill a hole & pop in the new one...  They will be used for HITT battles, fighting 'ze Germans' & some others we have in mind... (wait & see).

Artillery & Infantry

Artillery, all the crew with the Peter Pig heads.

Renault Tanks, Peter Pig again

More tanks

Armored Cars, again Peter Pig.  Crew given the head replacement technique..

Late War Yanks & a Montana Hat crewed Mortar

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

DBA 3.0 II/68a Pictish Hordes!

The Savage Hordes put on their War Paint 
        & headed south to pillage the fair lands of Britain...! 

No it's not Waarrgghh Nicola Sturgeon leading the SNP into Westminster, it's the great blue painted Pictish Horde.  The 2nd Army for our Age of Arthur Campaign.....

Picked up a few of these off EBay, the rest we added.  Very heavy with the Mel Gibson warpaint.  A nice touch is the 'purple heather' grass tufts, Tajima1 from EBay

Light Horse

The 3Pike Massive


Broch Camp



Monday, 4 May 2015

HITT Mexico vs USA - Pancho Villa Attacks Columbus 1916

                                                                   (Repeat, in a deep booming, manly voice!) 

The time 1916, the place is the Mexico/US Border....  Pancho Villa, launches an attack across the border at the small town of Columbus, New Mexico.  Elements of the US 13th Cavalry are ready to stop him...!

Using the Hordes in the Trenches rules, we played the scenario out.  We 'enhanced' the size of the forces, over what was involved historically.  Pancho Villa's Mexican Raiders consisted of 12 elements of Cavalry.  The Americans consisted of 4 Cavalry, 1 Machine Gun & Transport, 4 elements of Rifles, 1 Mortar & Transport.  Jenny & her military adviser 'Zeus' the Rottweiler took the Yanks, yours truly the heroic Mexicans.  The forces amounted to 24 points each.  The Mexicans would get extra points by destroying objectives.  Burning a building, destroying a train etc.

The Mexicans would start with all the army on the field, the Americans could elect to transport some onto the field via a train.  Game on..!

The historic attack

The battlefield

Pancho Villa leads the Mexicans forward.. Poor PiP roll though!

Columbus Train Station

Choo Choo!

PiPs 6! Forward!!!

PiPs 6! The Yanks arrive at the station...

The Infantry & Transport march to the front 

Some Mexicans dismount & set about destroying the Ranch... 

Pancho Villa leads the Raiders forward


The US Cavalry deploys....

BURN the Ranch, 1 Victory point!

The Mexicans deploy

The Mexicans charge the US Infantry


First Blood to the Mexicans!

The sneaky Mexicans ride straight down the railway lines...!

Back & forth!!!

Dagga Dagga Dagga!!!  The US deploys the Machine Gun!!!! AAArrrgghh...

The Mexicans dismount & the firepower is devastating... 

The Machine Gun is ferocious!!!

BOOM! The train is dynamited & goes up in smoke

The US Cavalry is fighting hard...

But the Mexicans strike back...

The Infantry combine with the Mortar & some more Mexicans are blown away!

Columbus Burns!!!!

The dismounted Mexicans turn on the US Cavalry... It's a close game.

AAAARRRGGH! Shocking PiPs for the US...

All the US can do is march forward the Infantry, but firing is poor...

The Rottie's had enough...  ZZZZZZZZZZz

The sneaky Mexicans attack the Transports!!!

.....and take out some more Cavalry!!!!


Victory for the Mexicans!!!!

The final battlefield... ViVa Pancho!
Villa leads away his force, tons of Booty in tow!!!!
That was a close game, right until the end!  'Overwhelming' Mexican firepower won the day.  The play balance was just right, Jenny got Yanks in really quickly with good PiPs at the start. HITT is a nice set of rules for the time period.  The American forces are part of a army we are building for a '1922' what if Campaign....  However we will have to play out some more Pancho Villa games, The US must be avenged!

Once again, in a deep masculine voice..