Tuesday, 12 May 2015

DBA 3.0 II/68a Pictish Hordes!

The Savage Hordes put on their War Paint 
        & headed south to pillage the fair lands of Britain...! 

No it's not Waarrgghh Nicola Sturgeon leading the SNP into Westminster, it's the great blue painted Pictish Horde.  The 2nd Army for our Age of Arthur Campaign.....

Picked up a few of these off EBay, the rest we added.  Very heavy with the Mel Gibson warpaint.  A nice touch is the 'purple heather' grass tufts, Tajima1 from EBay

Light Horse

The 3Pike Massive


Broch Camp




Jeff Hancock said...

Lovely Picts! Recall where you got the blue chariot? It is a nice difference from the same Essex chariot used for their Ancient Brits, Picts, Scots-Irish, etc. Can't wait to see the other armies painted and on the battlefield.


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Jeff. I've got Vortigerns Army & the Saxons put aside, I just have to find the 'painting mojo' again.....lol

I'm currently in a Napoleonics & ACW phase.

I'm sorry, I can't recall where I got that chariot from.

All the Best

Jeff Hancock said...

I bounce from era to era as well to keep my interest. I've become more of a collector than a gamer of late. I like how you start small and sometimes stay small. With less time to focus and game, I need to stick with DBx and HxTT size games as well.

Are you using the DBA version ? Sub-Roman British army list for Vortigen?

Thanks again!


MrFarrow2U said...

Hello Jeff

Yes mate, I'm sure that is the one. I don't know when I'll get round to finishing them off. We used to play a lot of DBA (see our other site) however the whole DBA 3.0 vs DBA 2.2+ 'war' that has gone on has put me off both rule sets.

I've looked at other rules but always come back to DBx type rules.

How about yourself Jeff? Do you have a blog?