Monday, 18 May 2015

WW1 Americans

Over There! Over There!  The yanks are coming...

Here's some pix of American troops for WW1.  A mix of troops wearing the Montana hat & the British steel helmet.  Mind you, finding troops in the Montana Hat was hard.  Peter Pig figures solved that problem. They produced individual heads, very handy indeed.  Snip off the old head, drill a hole & pop in the new one...  They will be used for HITT battles, fighting 'ze Germans' & some others we have in mind... (wait & see).

Artillery & Infantry

Artillery, all the crew with the Peter Pig heads.

Renault Tanks, Peter Pig again

More tanks

Armored Cars, again Peter Pig.  Crew given the head replacement technique..

Late War Yanks & a Montana Hat crewed Mortar

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Phil said...

Cool, a nice looking army!