Friday, 14 August 2015

Napoleonic French Artillery

Here's our 15mm French Artillery after the '2015 Imperial Army Re-organisation'.  For our DBN games, I've decided to represent 8pdr for Divisional Artillery & 12 Pdr for Corps Artillery.  'Crewing's' being 4 figures for the 8Pdr & 6 for the 12Pdr.  Hopefully this will give French Armies an Artillery advantage in our games. Horse Artillery will be represented by 3 figure crews.  I used a combination of paint layering & miracle wax shade washes.  I'm glad they're finished, it was becoming a 'drag' painting them.

I will only be sticking with the French & Anglo-Allied armies for 15mm.  The Peninsular being the main theatre, though I do have an eye on the 100 days...  For other conflicts, our 6mm stuff will cover Russians & Austrians.

I don't know who made the Artillery pieces.  The figures are from Lancashire Games, good value, nice looking & easy to paint.  Superb service, they arrived within 2 days of ordering.  The BEST mailing service I've received by far from any manufacturer.  Link == Lancashire Games

12 Pdr  French Batteries with 6 figure crews

Reverse view

A mixture of clothing for the uniforms

8 Pdr Batteries, 4 figure crews

Reverse view

Comparison, Howitzer, 8 Pdr & 12 Pdr


Phil said...

Great job, very nice artillery...

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Phil,thanks for the nice feedback.
...I love your blog, keep up the good work!

All the Best