Wednesday, 16 January 2008

DBN Austrians

Austrians, for some bizarre reason are my favourite
Napoleonic Army (probably because they got whooped
on many occasions). They're Heroics & Ros 6mm.

A 12pt DBN Army is meant to be the equivalent to a Corp.
I originally collected Napoleonics for the Leipzig 1813 Campaign
using the Anschluss 'Ebb & Flow of Battle' rule set. There must
be 1000's of figures hidden away in boxes. I could probably field
several Corps using DBN rules. One day we'll have a game.....

The heroic Austrian Army

Regular, Landwher & Grenadiers

Massed Austrian Cavalry - Cuirassiers, Hussars & Uhlans

Massed Heavy Cavalry

Austrian Artillery both Horse & Foot

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Silent said...

Love your cavalry horses sir. They make mine look rather dull. I mean, you even did the bridle!