Saturday, 26 January 2008

BBDBA Polish (1576-1660)

Triple the fun for BBDBA, here's 36 elements for a Polish Army.

The Right Wing - loadsa Cavalry,Knights & Light Horse

The Centre - Artillery, Foot & War Wagons

The Left Wing - More Cavalry, Knights. Dragoons at the front.

The complete Army from above.

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Gregory Pomfret said...


What a great army!

I too have seen the Jerzy Hoffman films and have often imagined what a Polish army would actually look like in 15mm.

I thoroughly enjoyed DBA when I played it and it often was a welcome relief from the "big" games.

I also like the concept of 36 stands-giving the armies more mass without,hopefully,detracting from the original philosophy of fast,relatively simple games.

Your site is fascinating-congratulations to you and your team.