Wednesday, 16 January 2008

DBN Prussians

Our Prussian Napoleonics based for the DBN set of rules.
The army listings are based on you selecting elements to
a points system. For the basic game you have 12 points to
use, unlike DBA, DBN caters for troop experience but they
cost more. Likewise raw troops cost less. Any way if you
want more then you have to buy them. They are available

These Napoleonics are 6mm, Heroics & Ros. Painted about
twenty years ago! Based just recently for DBN.

Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery & Command

The massed ranks, Regular, Reserve & Guard

Sideview of the Ranks.

Prussian Cavalry - Dragoons, Cuirassiers & Landwher

Close up of the Cuirassiers

Good old Blucher, Prussian Command element.

Prussian Artillery, 3 guns & a limber for Foot Arty.
2 Guns & a 6 Horse Limber for Horse Arty.


Silent said...

Hello Jack & Amy, just wondered what figures you used here for your Prussian cuirassiers, can you remember? I need to paint some up and was about to use Russian cuirassiers for the job which have the correct helmet crest, but your's suit best I think.


MrFarrow2U said...

Now then Silent

The Prussian Cuirassiers are Heroics & Ros from their Prussian Post 1806 range. If you can't get them then use the Austrian Cuiraassiers, at this scale you'll be able to get away with them.