Tuesday, 21 April 2015

DBC Brits vs Afghans - Pushahra Valley

DB Colonial action with the spiffing rules by KISR.  The 2nd Afghan War has started, British forces invade Afghanistan.  General Sir Hilary-Hogfish (the 3rd) leads an Anglo-Indian Army across the border.  His way is blocked by Pasha Poon with a force of Afghan Regulars & Tribesmen.

DBC promotes two scenarios, one being 'The Glorious Invasion'.  British forces have 16 turns to destroy half the opposing force or the natives win.  British forces would amount to 12 points. A D6 is added to a base 15 for the Natives, 18 for this scenario.  This game will form the basis of a mini campaign.  Troop quality is also taken into account, Normal troops(any element) cost 1 point, Poor quality is only half a point, Elites one & a half points.  The youngest Fazzy Jenny took one side, Amy soon took an interest & helped out her sister.  The Big Dog took the other side.

Anglo Indian Army
General Sir Hilary-Hogfish (the 3rd)
2 x Regulars(Yorkshire Rgt) Elite, 1 x Skirmishers (Rifles), 2 x Regulars (Ghurkas),
6 x Regulars (Indian) Poor, 1 x Artillery, 2 x Cavalry.

Pasha Poon
4 x Regulars Poor, 2 x Artillery Poor, 8 x Natives, 2 x Shooters, 4 x Irregular cavalry

Bengal Lancers head out on the British right

Afghan Irregular Cavalry ride out to meet them

The Yorkshire Regiment Advance, but poor PiPs slow the Indians

The Bengal Lancers take the high ground.

Afghan Natives close the ground

Firepower forces the Natives back

Another round, first blood to the British

The Afghan Cavalry sense an opportunity

On the left the Ghurkas & Rifles have a field day


FORM SQUARE!!! The Yorks see the Cavalry threat.

The Bengal Lancers make short work of the Afghan Cavalry

The Indian Artillery take out one of the charging Afghan Cavalry

Though it's not enough to halt the charge

The Ghurkas advance

Poor combat result for the Yorks, a Recoil forces a Square to be 'Shaken', a red counter.....

Poor PiPs for the Brits, the Indians can't help.  But the Yorks survive this round.

ATTACK! The Afghans pile into the British Square.

On the British left, the Afghans charge the Ghurkas


AArrrghh! The square is broken

The Ghurkas & Rifles are unbeatable

Can the Bengal Lancers save the day...?

Lancers vs Foot, only one result

The remnants of the Yorks force back the Natives, the Bengals help out...

On the British right, the Bengal Lancers win through

With half his force gone, Pasha Poon is beaten, LEG IT!!!!!!

A great fast moving game, there is an art to managing the natives.  Poor PiPs stalled the Native attack in places.  The Afghan Artillery & Regulars were poor. Just like our 'Well of Hasheen' game, the Natives need to move fast to avoid being shot to bits.  The loss of the Elite Yorkshire element may prove costly.

Pasha Poon will learn from the mistakes made here!


Robin Sutton said...

Ah how I have missed your battle reports.. thanks so much

Kind regards

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Robin, nice to hear from you. It's amazing how quickly time flies by. I've made a big effort to 'get back to basics' especially with my hobbies & activities away from work. Gaming is a part of that & I plan to do more.