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FOW4 Tango at Boola Boola 1942


The Afrika Korps Advances!!!
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June 1942, the Battle of Gazala is in full swing & going Rommel's way!  A small British force holds the village Boola Boola & is in danger of being cut off.  A larger German force is on the way to carry that out.  Hastily, the remnants of remaining British Armored elements are sent to relieve Boola Boola! 

Boola Boola, held by a British Motor Company.
Just West of El Adem, no longer found on the map...

German Entry, North West corner.

British Entry, South East corner.

British Force (103 points)

Motor Infantry Company HQ x 2
Rifle Platoon x 6
Rifle Platoon x 6
Vickers HMG x 4
3" Mortar x 2
Bren Carrier x 3
6 PDR Anti-Tank x 2

Grant Tank Company HQ x 2
Grant Platoon x 3
Honey Platoon x 3
Honey Platoon x 3

Armored Car Company HQ x 2
Humber x 3
Humber x 3
Vickers Mark VI x 3

Hurricane x 1
25 PDR Battery x 2
Bofors Anti-Air x 3
Plus 3 Command Cards

German Force (120 points)

Panzer III HQ x 1 (L 5cm) 
Panzer III Platoon x 3 (L 5cm)
Panzer III Platoon x 3 (L 5cm)
Panzer IV Platoon x 2 (S 7.5cm)
Panzer II Platoon x 5 

Rifle Company HQ x 2
MG34 Platoon x 5
MG34 Platoon x 5
AT Rifle x 2
Anti-Tank 5cm x 2

Recce Company
Sdkfz 222 x 4
Sdkfz 222 x 4
Motorcycles !!! x 5

Marder Anti-Tank x 3
Anti-Aircraft Sdkfz 10/4  x 3 
Stukas x 2
105mm Battery x 4
Plus 2 Command Cards

The Battle would be fought along the diagonal of the table.  A third of the forces would start on the field, the rest arriving by platoon as Reserves (5+ on a d6, growing by a D6 every turn.  Planes arrive as a 4+ on a D6).

Our house rule = All 'Big Artillery' is classed as 'Off Table', only Mortars allowed on the field.

Hearty British Infantry await the German!

Honey Platoon 


SPAV leads the Germans forward in the south.

Pz II's, Pz III HQ & Infantry advance in the north.

I play the SAS card, no German Air Support this round.


Despite the German firepower, only a measly 'Bail Out' for the Brits.

The best the Brits do is pin down the Motorcycles this round...

Two Armored Cars are destroyed.

The German Infantry is pinned.

The Honey 37mm's bail some Pz II's.


Ruddy 'Ell..... STUKAS!!!!!

German Reserves

German Air goes for the 6 PDR's

The German South flank is flying...

The Pz II's close with the Honey's.

The BOFORS take out one of the Stuka's

However the other Stuka takes out a 6 PDR.

Find the weak spot & pound it..
German Artillery also zeroes in..

British turn & the remaining Bren carrier pegs it.

I fail my reserves roll, SO.....

I desperately need these Grant's....

Oh dear, that southern flank is looking frail.

Just a 'Bail out' each in the north.


SPAV pushes forward his Armored Cars & readies the PZ III's for the Grant's.

The German Infantry advance behind the tanks.

'I say old chap.. that's just not Cricket..'
SPAV flanks the Honey's

Pz IV's arrive.

Loads of firepower, poor results though...

Pz III...

...versus Grant

German shells pound the British Infantry

For destroying the Stuka, the BOFORS get the German Artillery...

The British reserves are tickling in.

The tank battle is overwhelming

The heroic Vickers help out....

On Honey shoots forward one behind...

The Humber's race forward to engage the Pz II's

The Hurricane needs to perform....!

Strike one Pz II.

Not bad... Two of the Pz III's are bailed.
The 25 PDR's destroy an infantry section.

The Honey's Shoot & Scoot.

Overview after Turn Three.
The German Pincer attack is in full flow. 

The view of the northern flank.


SUPERB Reserve Rolls !!!!

That bloody Stuka is back!



The Brits are going to take a pounding this round....

The Marder's advance (carrying the Infantry Platoon)

The Armored Cars take on the Vickers

Superb rolls!
Two Grant's are destroyed.

More Infantry casualties...

'Auf Wiedersehen!'

German firepower is terrific this turn.

British turn, these lads need to get forward.
I send some Humber's & Grant's to Boola Boola on the road.

The remaining Honey's will take the southern flank. 

The Humber's take up a flank position.

Overview after Turn Four


The Marder's race off & the Infantry head for Boola Boola.

Which Brits are going to cop it this turn..?

HA HA!!!
The tables are turned TOMMY!!!

Those Pz IV guns are going to cause havoc...

The centre of Boola Boola is in sight.

Here we go again....



German rolls are very good this round.

British turn, my bottle has gone, but...
The remaining Grant flees.




One Marder destroyed by the Hurricane.

The Honey's & the Armored Cars fail miserably...
In goes the towel.

The British Infantry surrender.

Final positions looking south.

Well the Brits were & truly 'gubbed' on that one...

Congratulations SPAV, he got his plan 'Bob On'.  I can't fault the German performance.   To be fair, the British Tanks hit the German ones just as much.  It was poor firepower rolls which swung it.   I must admit though, I will add more Anti-Tanks guns to the Brits in the future.  There just wasn't any way to stop those Panzers.  Air & Artillery performed well in this game as well. Right it's off to the internet to purchase more anti-tank guns!

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