Saturday, 1 October 2016

DBN French Revolution 1794-1804

Long Live the Revolution!!  A mighty French Revolutionary horde to frighten the Thrones of Europe....  We hope to run a few games centred on Boney's Italian Campaigns.  The majority of these are Lancashire Games & I've been adding extra units as time goes by.  What's more it's great timing as Lancashire Games are launching a new French in Egypt range.

We have enough Frenchmen for a whopping 19 element 'Big Base' Army (each element 4 standard DBx bases).  Now I need to paint up a equal size Austrian force.....

France, 1794-1799. 
6-10xMs(50%Ms/LI(M)), 0-2xLI, 0-1xLC, 0-2xLC(M)*, 0-2xNA.
French, 1800-1804. 
0-1xMs(E), 6-8xMs, 0-2xMs/LI (Legere), 0-2xLC*, 0-1xHC, 0-2xNA.

For the Revolution & France!
Light Infantry

French Regiment

'Tarleton  Helmet' French Regments

French rabble, a mighty French Column

French Heavies

French Hussars

French Hussars

First Consul

Boney leads the lads forward!

Consular Guard

Consular Guard

French Generals

French Artillery


Phil said...

THey look superb, I love your infantry, excellent job!

Natholeon said...

Great Looking army Mr F. I do love the Lancashire figures and will get some of those Napoleon in Egypt figures eventually. Looking forward to a battle report with the Austrians.

Stephen Smith said...

Great stuff really inspirational would like to do a early French DBN army one day

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Fellas. The Lancashire Games figures paint up really well. Roll on the Austrians.

KEV. said...

Delightful French Army you have presented here- well done!