Wednesday, 24 June 2020

FOW - Late War British

A British Tank & Infantry Company with attached Support sections.  Any games involving the Brits will be formed around the XIX Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment).

Our local regiment (now part of the Yorkshire Regiment).  Both my Father & Grandfather were soldiers in the Regiment.  My father serving in the early 60's, my Grandfather during WW2.

The small core force was purchased from the mighty MadAxeMan on EBay. Two Infantry Platoon's, a few tanks & support elements.  10mm scale again, the rest have been added & painted by yours truly.   Another Infantry Platoon, Cromwell's, Churchill's, Bren Carrier's etc.

British Tank Company

'A Firefly in every Troop'

HQ Cromwell

Crusader AA for those runaway 'Fockes'....

Light Tanks - Stuart Troop

Churchill Petard's
'for dug-in German Infantry removal'


Infantry Platoon (7 Bren/Rifle section painted by the MadAxeMan)
The outer two are Piat & 2'' Mortar Section by ours truly.

I've added two more Rifle Platoon's

Company Commander

6PDR section with White Vehicle's.

Recce Section

Two Humber's with added crew

Two Daimler's

Bofors Section
(2 by MadAxeMan)

Heavy Mg Section

MadAxeMan on the left

3" Mortar Section

Forward Observer

Wasps for those pesky German's

The Bren/Wasp Support
'for when Adolf pops over for a cup of tea...'
Green Howard's Museum


Just Jeff said...

Superb! Time to give Adolf the bayonet: up em!

James Fisher said...

Fine looking troops and vehicles. A fitting tribute to your father and grandfather!

Just Jeff said...


MrF said...

Cheers Fellas!

The first BatRep featuring the Green Howard's will go up in a few days.

All the Best