Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Team Yankee 6mm - Bannon's Boys

Combat Team Yankee advance!
 Another project..... Oh the shame!   I had decided (& still will later..), to run another invasion USA Campaign, using an Warhammer 40K Epic army as invaders.  Set in the late 20th Century.  I picked up some cheap EBay 6mm modern yanks.  However, I started watching Team Yankee videos on You Tube & I have now taken the plunge.

Look, if you play Team Yankee in 15mm, then good for you.  I personally don't like the look, the table is far too 'cramped' for my liking. (Watch You Tube Team Yankee Battle Reports & you will see what I am on about).  With the Epic 40K - 6mm cross link, then here we go.  Of course, I'm listening to Red Storm Rising & Team Yankee Audiobooks to add inspiration.  I've got a copy of the Team Yankee rules, in hard back, very nice.

Right, back to our stuff.  The figure pictures are 6mm (1/300), though I'm seeing 1/285 scale banded about a lot.  The last time I bought 6mm stuff, were Heroics & Ros Napoleonics back in the 80's/90's.  I was surprised to see that Heroics & Ros are still going, though their website is down at the moment.  I think they are re-locating the business.  These figures look like H&R.  Obviously I've been looking at extra troops, the US Infantry are still needed.  GHQ minis look Fantastic for 6mm, however I couldn't believe how much they cost.  It will be Heroics & Ros for me...  Now I need to build a Soviet Amy!

Combat Team Yankee 

Captain Bannon in his HQ M1 Abrams.
(the commander is a 'Defeat in Detail 6mm' figure from Vanguard)

To denote HQ vehicle, I've put 2 antennas on the tank.

Two platoons of M1 Abrams, splendid, just splendid.

Looking at the points list though, they are very expensive.

The M113 mechanized platoon.  

M113 missile launchers.

Combat Team Bravo
Two mechanized platoons, one tank platoon & some missile launcher M113's.


Combat Team Bravo HQ M113

Both Combat Teams ready for battle.

Rear view of the Combat Teams.
The Iron Maiden Team Yankee supplement focuses on the British Army of the Rhine, I better start saving my pennies...

Harold Coyle's Team Yankee novel (..get the Audiobook!)

The Team Yankee Wargame Site

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