Tuesday, 25 December 2018

DBN30 Battle of Hal 1815

Forward!! Brave Frenchmen....
DBN action now, the fine fellows at KISR have produced this free downloadable scenario.  The 'what if' Battle of Hal 1815.  Basically Boney shifts Lobau's Corps & attacks the Allied deployment based at Hal.

French = Lobau (Gen)
1 x Ms/LI, 5 x Ms, 4 x LC, 2 x FA, 1 x HA.

Allies = Prince Frederick (Gen)
3 x LI, 4 x Ms, 1 x FA, 2 x LC(M) , 6 x Ms(M), 1 x FA(M)

The games starts at 14:00 hours & lasts for 16 turns(four hours).

Hal is worth 2 victory points.
Ze French need 8, the Allies need 6 for victory.

The Dutch troops line up on the Allied right flank.

Dutch troops guarding the centre.

British troops guard Hal.

Sneaky, British Artillery fire across the river....

Great CaPs for the French on turn one.
The Cavalry Division heads for the left.

Two French columns would attack Hal.

The Dutch Light Infantry race for the woods in the centre of the Battlefield.

The French Artillery cause major casualties for one of the British units

The French Light Infantry engage the Dutch in the woods.
This allows the French Cavalry to continue around the flank.

AArrggh!!  Prince Freddy has to re-arrange his front line.
The 'shaken' British Muskets are retired.

The French guns go BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

FORWARD!  For the Emperor!!!!

It's a fierce fight for the woods.

The French attack goes in.

FORWARD!!!  Speed is the key.

The British Artillery causes some casualties.

The main French Column hits Hal.

Whilst the other French Column is slowed....

The French Horse Artillery rings out.
While the French Cavalry wait patiently....


The other French Column is halted, but it has done its job.

An Allied counter attack on Hal is repulsed...

French Infantry swarm the Allied line.

The head of the other French Column is blasted away....

However Allied casualties mount....

Prince Freddy & the Brits are sent packing!!!1

The French Light Infantry take a beating.
However they have 'done' their job.

MMmmm... It's going to be hard for the Allies to retake Hal.

The Allied right flank is solid.

British Infantry are failing miserably today. 

The Allied Cavalry are sent to attack the French Infantry at Hal.

The beaten Allied units at Hal are slowly destroyed.

The French Light Infantry are destroyed.

The French Artillery were awesome in this game.

Oh dear!  The Allied right flank is suddenly looking very weak.

Lobau's CaP rolls helped a lot as well.

Pour it on boys!!!

NOOO!! The French Cavalry charge in....

The Dutch Artillery do not cause major casualties....

The Dutch Militia will only hold for so long....

The phrase 'Grasping at straws' comes to mind.
The Allied counter is feeble.

The Dutch fight well.

Would it be a Heroic, Charge of Legend???

The Dutch fall back..


The Allied Cavalry finally goes in....

....but the results are a mixed bag.

The Allied nightmare is nearly over.

The French Cavalry would destroy the Dutch Militia.

Final positions.  A 'Total' French victory.....
News reaches Waterloo & the Allies fall back????
Good Game, Good Game...  We played it slightly different from the KISR setup, with just 2 Generals.  It still worked well.  We went on to play a couple of other games.  The French have to attack Hal, quickly & in force.  The best Allied results came from placing troops in front of Hal & slowing the French down.  Anyway here is the link & give it a go yourselves!



Nikos said...

Very nice review! You are always inspiring MrF! One question only:does the good c-in-c cost 1 point or this is optional?

MrFarrow2U said...

Hello Nikos

Thanks for the nice comment.

In a points game, the C-in-C & baggage are free. The C-in-C being classed as 'normal', no bonus to the CAP roll. If you were going to include a 'Good' C-in-C & gain an extra CAP point to your CAP roll, then the costs goes up. I would say 0.5 points (like Elite troops).

For 'Poor' class C-in-C, & a reduction on the CAP die, then they would cost 0.5 points less.

To be honest, a 'Poor' class C-in-C, can really kill a game, your movement will be rubbish. For example our 'Jerome in Russia' games. The average CAP rolls were poor & were a major restriction.

Happy gaming!

Nikos said...

Thank you MrF. So your Jerome's campaign was never finished?

MrFarrow2U said...

Now then bud

We ran 3 games for the Jerome Campaign. I need to edit the pictures for the last one. The picture editing is the real boring process & very time consuming. We have a few other games that need picture editing.

I've fallen back in love with EPIC 40K & can't stop painting Space Marines!!!


Jeff Hancock said...

Luverly, Mr. F. I need the inspiration to finish my DBN Peninsula French!

Thanks, Jeff

MrFarrow2U said...

Nice one Jeff

Listen to he Sharpe Audiobooks mate, that will work!