Friday, 2 December 2016

DBN Brunswickers

I've been re-vamping some of our Napoleonics in the wake of choosing to play 'Big Base' DBN.  One of the mini projects was to upgrade our Brunswick Corps.   There's something about the Black Uniforms that makes them look so cool.   As it stands the majority of them would be 'Militia' class, but they are still one of my favourite set of troops.  They have featured in one of our games, the 'Rumble on the Escourt' 1815 variant   

For the 100 Days Campaign the Corps was about 6000 strong.  The foot troops amounted to 8 Battalions, about 5000 men.  A Brigade in DBN amounts to about 2000-2500 men.  I took the liberty to 'stretch' the formations & plumped for 3 Foot formations, 2 of Light & 1 of Line.  (Basically to use up the hordes of Jaeger & Lieb guard figures I've got)  The cavalry & artillery were very straight forward, 1 Brigade & 2 Batteries.

The Mighty Brunswickers

Light Brigade, Lieb Guard.  Minifigs & Lancashire Games figures

Another Light formation, Jaegers & Light, Avantgarde. 

Cavalry Brigade, Minifigs & some conversions (too many Uhlans I know, bet hey..)

The Hussars, the standard is made up.

The lovely Uhlans

Duke Of Brunswick & chums (I need to give him a beard...)

Line Brigade


Massed Artillery

Foot Battery, Minifigs & Lancashire Games figures

Horse Battery, Minifigs, Essex & Lancashire Games figures


Phil said...

Never got too many Uhlans! Great job on these Brunswickers, ,splendid uniforms and great paintjob...

MrFarrow2U said...

Now then Phil, Cheers bud. It has been a joy building the Brunswickers, I can't wait to deploy the full corps! A few 'what if' 100 Days games coming up...