Saturday, 19 November 2016

DBN Austrians

Finally, I've managed to finish painting our Early Napoleonic Austrian Amy.  There's enough elements for a decent sized force.  The majority of the foot troops are Lancashire Games, that 'standard advancing' figure.  Normally I praise Lancashire Games figures, but these were a nightmare.  The musket was really thin & snapped off very easily.  I had to use a a drill & a piece of wire for the worst ones.  The Cavalry are Minifigs & the Artillery look like Old Glory.  The majority are freshly painted, some were tatty figures with a new paint 'face lift'. 


A nice mix of Hungarians & Germans

Grenzers, I love the colours on these ones. A joy to paint.

Light Foot Artillery

Heavy Foot Artillery, 12pdrs

Hussars & Uhlans


Horse Artillery


Peter said...

Hi - the figures are looking splendid I am very envious. I have also used Hinds Figures a couple of this year for second hand models and was pleased with the service and models received.

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Peter, I'm looking forward to thrashing Spav with them. I have a soft spot for the Austrian Army.

Hinds offers gamers a very useful resource. Very quick shipping as well.

All the Best