Wednesday, 3 August 2016

DBN Prussians 1813-15

Another project comes to the  This time Napoleonic Prussians covering the 1813-15 years.  Numerous manufacturers obtained from various sources, given the usual paint touch up & bases.  One day we plan a big DBN 1815 Campaign.   

The Grand Artillery Battery

Light Prussian Battery

Heavy Artillery Battery 

Horse Artillery




More Cuirassiers in Campaign Dress

Blucher & General Staff

Landwher Regiment

Line Musketeers

Line Musketeers


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Congratulations! Your Prussians look very impressive.

I am currently building up my collection of Napoleonic figures, and it is very heavily based on the pre-painted 25/28mm figures that were sold along with a part work. Most need a bit of paintwork renovation, and once that is done they are gloss varnished and based. I have acquired mine from a variety of sources, including buying the part work, buying from eBay, buying from various bring-and-buy sales at wargame shows, and buying other people's collections. It is going to be some time before what I already own has been renovated, varnished, and based, but once that is done I also hope to run a campaign.

Good luck with your expanding collection.

All the best,


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Bob for the nice comments, I hope you & family are keeping well.

That Prussian Blue just looks 'spiffing' doesn't it. I've got a few more units to build, then I will be happy. However I am now starting to fall in love with Boney's early years... So here we go again, I'm now starting to build early Armies, a 1806 Prussian Army is on the cards as well.

Spav & I, are currently re-fighting the Battle of Golymin. A Battle Report will be up soon.

I've been following your posts about the Del Prado figures. Good luck with it. We started that collection when my son Jack was young. For whatever reason I can't recall, I stopped the subscription.

All the Best