Monday, 18 July 2016

HITT Zimmermann Affair 1917

The US is invaded...(!  This time it's 1917, the British have intercepted a secret communication from Germany to Mexico.  Historically nothing came about, however what an opportunity for a 'what if' game.  Inspiration from an article in Wargames Illustrated number 340.

1917, a joint Mexican/German force attacks across the border towards Fort Hancock.  Using the 'Hordes in the Trenches' DBA variant again, SPAV took the might Mexican/Hun force, yours truly the poor Americans.

The Mexican/Hun force comprised of 3 commands.  A Mexican/American renegade mounted force including Horse artillery.  A German Infantry battalion, including Artillery & Air Support.  A Mexican infantry force with Artillery support.

The American Force comprised 2 commands.  A Fort Hancock Infantry battalion including a Stronghold.  A relief column of Cavalry/Infantry & Artillery

The Battlefield

Fort Hancock including the Stronghold overlooking the town.

An American MG position holds the road

Mexicans ATTACK!


Ze Germans attack along the main road to Fort Hancock

The American Cavalry force are first to react

Random potshots, as the Mexican Artillery gets in position


First blood to the Mexicans..

The Yanks are forced back.


It's a race for the high ground on the other flank

The Mexican Horse Artillery deploys.

The Mexican Horde hits the town walls...

WooHoo!  US Armored Cars race into action...

US Rifles advance & open up on the Mexican flanks 

Fierce close fighting takes place at one of the other town entrances

The Yank Infantry was tough to budge..

BOO! SPAV is happy, he rolls a 6 on the PiP die & activates his Air Support

Elsewhere, PiP die rolls are poor all round, movement is tough for both sides

Slowly the Mexicans are winning the combats

The Mexicans storm into Fort Hancock

At last! More US troops arrive...

US troops prepare to defend the centre of town

The lone US Rifle element repels all attacks

Nearly there!  So close to mowing down the Mexican cavalry...

More US Reinforcements arrive.

Finally, the stubborn US Rifle element is defeated

Bah Humbug!  SPAV Air Support attacks the US Transports & avoids the Artillery/Machine Guns.. 

SPAV hatches a cunning plan, the German guns ring out...
& so do the Mexican guns.  Alas my poor Armored CAR.

The German Air Support causes the US troops to dismount early.

Where's the Hun?

Meanwhile, Fort Hancock is overrun with Mexicans...

Clash of Cavalry

The fierce Hun piles into Fort Hancock...

At last!

It's not looking good for Fort Hancock

The US troops race to outflank the Mexicans

Rifles with Mortar support prove effective... 

The Huns line up to face the Yanks...

The Cavalry duel is a stalemate

Movement PiPs are poor for the US Troops

More US troops flood into the town

No one gets the upper hand in the Cavalry battle

However, the quality of the Hun Infantry starts to show...

The Hun charges in with the cold steel...

The Mexican/German Guns are poised to blow away the US Cavalry.

Casualties mount for the US...

Operation 'Deep Strike' continues for the German Air

Victory for the Mighty Mexican/German Alliance...

Final positions, the Yanks were woeful...

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Peter said...

Nice looking game and thanks for the links at the end - I learnt something new.

KEV. said...

Hi- Very interesting Scenario-Concept. Works very well. I'd be interested to know the types of Brand/s of Figures used in your 15mm game for the Americans, Germans and Mexicans. Regards. KEV.

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers fellas for the nice comments.

Peter, the Germans are all Minifigs. I can't id the Mexicans. The US troops are Minifigs, with a few conversions. The Artillery is all Minifigs. The Armored Cars, crews & US gun grew are all Peter Pig. You can buy Montana Hat heads from Peter Pig. You snip of the existing head (I think they were Belgian trrops), drill a hole, then pop in a new head. They look very good.

All the Best