Wednesday, 28 October 2015

DBN Liebertwolkwitz 1813

Liebertwolkwitz 1813 The Battlefield
 A clash of giants for the greatest Cavalry battle ever.  Prelude to Leipzig 1813, Liebertwolkwitz.  Spav & I fought this one out, the scenario coming from the nice people at KISR.    

Spav took the French & set up first, yours truly the Allies.  From the start, I knew this would be a tough fight.  The bulk of the french Cavalry set up on the Galgenburg Heights.  Victory points for locations & for destroying the enemy.  It turned out to be a bloodbath.  The figures used were from my 6mm collection.

DBN Attrition rules were also used to stop the back & forth combats.  1 Recoil = 1 Hit (a snazzy MrF flame marker), 2 Recoils = 2 Hits & the unit is SHAKEN (a penalty for movement/combat), 3 Hits & the unit is destroyed.  It adds an extra dimension now & you can quickly run out of combat ready units.  When the 'Battle Line' fills with SHAKEN units, it's best to retreat them from combat for obvious reasons.

Murat on the Galgenburg Heights

The Polish troops

The Austrians

The French had the terrain advantage

Polish Lancers in reserve


Murat leads the charge!

Scratch some Cossacks

The Austrian columns attack

Hussah! for the Prussian Dragoons

AAArgh... The Austrians are hit 

It's a bloodbath, retreat!! The Attrition markers pile up
The French Light Cavalry pile in

The Austrian columns are about to strike


Ohhh! Lovely open space, the Austrian Heavies are sent across the field

The Russian Juggernaut is about to hit the Poles...

An overlap against the French

The Cavalry battle fizzles out, losses are heavy on both sides....!

It's up to the Infantry

An opportunity... Queue the French attack

Spav launches his reserve, the Polish Cavalry join the fight

The French columns advance....

With a renewed vigor, the French Cavalry attacks again

It's a bitter fight outside Liebertwolkwitz

Positions going into the last phase of the battle

Could the Austrian Cuirassiers swing the balance????


I 'try' an attack on Liebertwolkwitz.... 

Russians vs Poles

Good targets for the Russian Artillery....

It's a tough scrap

Yes! The Austrians could pile into the French flank....

NO! It's a disaster for the Austrian Infantry

Oh no! The French Artillery is ready....
BOOM! A devastating barrage & the Austrian Cuirassiers are lost... 

It's all one way now.....

In goes the last French Cavalry attack.....

Fresh Polish Cavalry would tip it in the centre

Even though the Russians halt the French, it's no reward...

CRUNCH!!  Victory for Murat!
What a bloodbath, though historically, the loss of so much Cavalry for the French should of gone against them.  Spav is having none of it & celebrates his victory.  Next up for the 6mm will be a BIGGER Lutzen re-fight....  I just need a new set of eyes to paint the extra elements needed....

top - WACHAU.
middle - MURAT nearly captured


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I do like the style of your battle reports - this was a good as the others... one question, I'm not au fait with DBN, what are the yellow tube things with the red flames around the bottom for?? Do they signify damage, morale fail???

MrFarrow2U said...

Now Steve

Yes they do, normally in DBA if you win a combat roll the other element will recoil. if you win a combat roll by double or more then you destroy the other element. DBN can use a ATTRITION system, 1 recoils - 1 hit (a snazzy flame marker), 2 hits then 2 & the unit is SHAKEN (a penalty for movement/combat), 3 Hits & KaBoom it's destroyed. This stops the back & forth nature of DBA combat.

Cheers & keep up the good work on your Blog.