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DBN Buenos Aires 1806 - Breakout from Quilmes

FORWARD! The 71st
The British breakout from Quilmes, the 2nd part of our 1806 Buenos Aires rumble.  The 71st Infantry Regiment with support from the Royal Navy must advance towards Buenos Aires & 'liberate' the Spanish Gold Train.  standing in their way are some Spanish Militia Infantry Regiments & local Gaucho detachments.

The final positions from our last scrap were the starting point for this battle.  Spav taking ze Spanish, yours truly the Brits.  Placing of the units would be critical & to add some extra spice, we recorded the positions of each units on separate maps.  The day of the battle, these were revealed to each other.

Again we used the DBN rules, with the attrition system & the flame casualty markers.

The British Left,  held by the Marines.  A barricade constructed across the street & the Navy sailors blew up one of the buildings in the foreground.  the Spanish occupied the buildings on the far left.   Would they attack in force?

The 71st lined up, a attack straight at the Spanish.  The remaining Marines in Support top of pic.

The Marines with a cannon in support.

Kick off time gentlemen.

There's a lot of Spanish troops out there...

Operation 'Deep Jungle River Strike', the remaining Naval Parties are sent up river to outlank the Spaniards.

'firepower & bayonets' for this one

The Spanish launch an attack on Quilmes, could the Marines hold.

British ships support the Marines...

The first wave of Spaniards are sent packing.

Pin the Spanish Light Infantry, to allow the Naval parties up river...

Casualties mount for the Spanish as a firefight ensues... 

It's nearly bayonet time, on the left some British Grenadiers are detached to 'Spank the Spaniards'

The die rolls favor the Brits!

The Spanish Light are engaged & the Navy Lads row up river...

Finally the Spanish elements are crushed 

British Firepower halts the 2nd Spanish Assault on Quilmes

It's a tough scrap but the Spanish Light are sent packing....

Attaque!!!!  Again in go the brave Spaniards!!!

The Spaniards try to sneak in some Gauchos, but Spav's PiP rolls are pants...

Go Go the Grenadiers....

Captain Barnblower & his Marines put up a good scrap...

Forwards the Marines.

Oh! The Spanish are starting to drop....

'Ahem Ahem Ahem', Barnblower stands firm.

Back go the Gauchos...

The Navy Lads land, but they aren't needed

'Give'em the steel!'

No luck for the Spanish today


The Spanish Army collapses & off goes the dandy general..!! 

Initial Pic==

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