Sunday, 12 April 2015

DBAHx English Royalist vs French

There may be trouble ahead.....
France 1640, the Duke of Buckingham has landed in France to aid the Huguenots.  Cardinal Richelieu has been given the bad news & immediately marches to face the old enemy.

MrF is back, with some gaming in the Pike & Shot era.  We have tidied up the 15-19K site, & we will be playing games in the future.  We will keep DBA 3.0 painted armies to the MrOhh site.  Though we haven't got around to a 3.0 game yet....

DBA-Hx action, with English Royalist versus Ze French.  The English Army selected is very 'Knight' heavy, lots of Cavaliers charging home. Infantry to back up the Horsemen are 3 Pike & 3 Shot, with one Artillery piece.  The French Army is stacked slightly different.  Pistols form the spine, with an element of Cavalry & Dragoons.  8 elements of Foot, 3 Shot & 4 Pike with one Artillery.

The French Army has it's horse stacked on the right.  The English have split the Horse to both wings.

English Royalist 1620-1660. 
1x3Kn, 3x3Kn, 1x3Kn, 1x4Sh, 3x4Pk, 2x4Sh, 1xArt.

French 1600-1640.
2x4Pi, 1x3Cv, 1x3Dr, 3x4Sh, 4x4Pk, 1xArt.

The Battlefield, the French being the attackers.

English Horse advance

The Cardinal leads the attack himself

Oh you little teasers...

English Pike & Shot advance

The French Dragoons are caught out

Whoops, they were pants.  The curse of the Dragoons...

The French have an advantage, but they could not make it count.

Just a Recoil.

English PiPs are poor, but the spare English Horse engages... 

Two down, the French right flank is not looking good.

The rest of the French Army engages, but with poor results. 

Good English PiPs & the French Right is surrounded.

The Kings 'Grey Musketeers' are destroyed.... The Cardinal is lucky to escape.

Drastic action is needed to steady the French right.  The Artillery is removed.

Too late, the English PiPs are again good & Victory is near.

Game Over, complete victory for the Duke of Buckingham....
Well were did that one go wrong.  A good plan for the French, they had the advantage with the extra Horse on the right, but they were thrown away.  The curse of the single Dragoon element strikes again.  

Remnants of the Musketeers flee the field... 'All for one & one for themselves'... 

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