Monday, 2 March 2015

DBA 3.0 IV/20 Ayyubid Egyptian 1171-1250AD

Put together for sale on EBay, two Ayyubid Egyptian Armies.  Super colourful, Cavalry Heavy, highly mobile.  I don't know what figures the majority are, they came as a job lot of about 200 Arab Riders without any horses.  There are some Essex Minis though.  Recently added are some Donnington Miniatures, the Arab Archers, Saladin & some of the barded horses.  Very good value at 60P for a mounted figure, 30P for foot.

IV/20 Ayyubid Egyption
1x3Cv(Gen), 7x3Cv, 1x3 Cv or 1x3Ax or 3Wb,
1x2Lh or 5Hd, 2x2Lh or 2x4Bw or 2Ps

1st Army

2nd Army

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James!! said...

Hello. I am interested in purchasing some of your armies. Please contact me at jlara9 at gmail dot com if interested.