Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Another DBA II/69b Sassanid Persian Army 220-651AD

Another Sassanid Persian Army for sale.  My super bike is now paid for, so I might start keeping some of the armies I paint!  This army hasn't changed that much from the DBA 2.2. lists.  I went heavy with the 'manly persian pink', worked well.

1x3Cv(Gen), 1x4Kn, 4x3Cv, 1xEl or 3Cv, 1x3Cv or 2Lh, 1x3Cv or 2Ps, 1x2Lh or 3Ax, 2x7Hd, 1 DBA Camp

June 2015 - Never sold, in the end kept in the Fazzy vaults!

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