Sunday, 22 February 2015

DBA 3.0 II/26 Later Rhoxolanian Sarmatian

A possible 12 Knight Army, who can resist the wonderful Sarmatians.  The majority of this lot were picked up as a bargain buy, a few extra bases & here we have the finished army.  The DBA 3.0 list goes a bit further & allows the addition of foot sloggers in the guise of 3 Psiloi or 3 Hordes.  I used some Anglo-Saxon Spearmen figures for the hordes of Sarmation farmers, close enough.  The rank & file Sarmation Knights are coloured to reflect the green/red/blue horse hoof armour.  The nobles & the King are mounted on metal barded hoses with equivalent armour.

Hordes of farmers & Psiloi

Sarmation Camp & Horse Archers

The Sarmations, very colourful.


Sarmation King & Nobles


The King

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Phil said...

They look great, love the camp!