Sunday, 5 October 2014

DBR TYW French Army

A 200 Point Army with a touch of flair regarding the dastardly Cardinal Richelieu.  Like I mentioned in the previous Post. two armies have been built one I'll keep one & sell the other.  The vast bulk of the army were poorly painted job lots picked up off EBay or from Bring n Buys at game shows.  A new lick of paint, varnish, based, a pinch of MrF 'pixiedust' & then ready to go.

Cardinal Richelieu himself was some ECW 'dandy' in 3/4 army & a big floppy hat.  A run out with the Dremel Power tool & he now has a cap.  A slick of paint, some 'green stuff' putty for a cloak, a he's a close run for Tim Curry or Charlton Heston take your pick.....

The Army took form based on a 1640 time frame, some 'stretches of the imagination' & there were a few changes according to the DBR lists.  Mainly the introduction of 'Fast' Pistols (3 figure)  for 'Superior' Pistols (4 figure Gendarmes).  I had 8 mounted French Musketeers sitting around, these I based as 4 figure 'Superior' Pistols.  In the FANTASTIC  Renaissance Armies by George Gush, it mentions that the 'Grey Musketeers' were mounted based Pistols, these are painted in the uniform to represent them.  (If you get a chance, buy a copy of the book).

The other liberty was using the Richelieu Coat of Arms in a Banner, looks alright.

1x4Pistols(S) Cardinal Richelieu,
1x4Pistols(S) Grey Musketeers,
3x3Pistols(F) Cavalry,
2x2Light Horse(I) Carabins,
1x3Dragoons (O) French Dragoons,
6x4Sh(F)+3x4Pk(F) – French Regiments,
2x3Sh(O)+1x4Pk(O) – Cardinals Guard
2xArt(S) - Artillery
1 Camp


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