Friday, 24 October 2014

DBA 3.0...Very Nice! MrF's Impressions....

I've had a read through the book & I'm very happy with it.  First of all it's a proper hardback book, with nice & glossy pages.  I can imagine that it will be a 'constant companion' & 'Tome of Knowledge' much like The Dungeon Masters Guide was from AD&D 1st Edition (the only true version of AD&D), during the 80's, the one with the Efreeti on the cover......  If you know what I'm talking about, then your an old fart, if not.....

Any way, a big well done to the authors & people behind DBA 3.0.  Some new troop types, new modifiers, new terrain, extra army lists, new diagrams for those 'thorny' moments. I know there has been some 'discussions' over DBA 3.0 & that some people have broke away from the main stream with DBA 2.2+

I shall now however call for a 'Crusade', though it will only be my good self & some of the hounds that take part in Fazzy Mansions.  Having looked at some of the lists, then compared them to our existing DBA 2.2 Armies, it is apparent that were going to need some extra elements.  For example, the 100 Years English in DBA. 3.0 now has 4 entries compared to the DBA 2.2 version with just 1 entry.   For the latter I reckon 18 elements would cover all options, now in DBA 3.0 it will take a whopping 32 Elements.  It looks like a lot of the listings have been expanded in this way.   Another nice touch is that a little bit of information is given about 'what' troops the element now represents, '3 Irish Spear' or '3 Welsh Pike' for example.  I can imagine a lot of people are now going to become screaming fanatics, complaining about this fact & having to add to their existing armies.  Last night I had a look at our existing 2.2 armies, we have about 50 of them, gathering dust in A4 File boxes located in the 'War Bunker'.  There will be a lot of work involved in 'upgrading' them to DBA 3.0, however I will enjoy this process.  Another thing that struck me, was that my painting style has GREATLY improved over 6 years.  Some of our older armies look very poor to what is being created at the moment.  Some figures boasting dark shade MinWax coats look awful, It looks like the varnish hasn't aged very well.  Any way enough, I will look forward to the creation of DBA 3.0 Armies.  All I need now is to have a game, good news on this front, I've met up with a couple of mates from the 80's & they have expressed an interest in having a game.....stay tuned.

Oh just remembered, there are some crackers as well, Marian Romans now can have an Elephant!

The good 'Old Days'........ before careers, taxes, insurance, jobs, young kids, partners, mobile phones, reality tv, grown up kids, fitness tests, injuries, young trendy people, austerity, Sky Tv, have I missed anything?  


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