Saturday, 4 October 2014

Painting Log 4th October 2014

On the paint table at the moment are a large amount of TYW/ECW figures.  A lot of Artillery from the Freikorps 15mm range by QRF Models & various bits n bobs.  Over the past few months I've completed a Scots Covenanter Army & a French TYW Army, the French Army has a Cardinal Richelieu theme.  Using the DBR Army lists both of them weighed in at about 400 points.  I split them in half & they were then sold on EBAY.

In order to raise cash for new projects & other things ( fantastic Carbon  Road Bike from Ribble Cycles...ooooo), I've started building & selling armies on EBAY.  It's my 2nd time around on EBAY, I sold a few about 4 years ago & to be fair, didn't get the money I was looking for.  I've now got a better idea on what I'm doing & have over the last few months sold about 20+ Armies.  HOWEVER I can't believe the FEES that EBAY & PAYPAL now charge, shocking really.  There doesn't appear to be any 'rival' sites on the net for selling Wargames stuff, if anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment.

My painting style has improved over the past 8 years (Yes it's been EIGHT years since we started gaming.... wow I feel old) & the newly painted armies are 'in the main' better than what we have. Hence the double size armies that are now built & painted.  At the end of the day painting is a nice stress buster.

I bought some nice figures from Donnington, especially from their older range.  Some little gems include camp fixtures, 'Crucified' & 'Impaled' victims, plus some nice extras for Artillery pieces.  Though I have discovered the 'cannonballs' can be created from that metal chain made from circular balls, usually found on the chain in sinks.  Guess what's happened to the kitchen/bathroom chains in the MrF household...... sad oh so sad.

I now add those snazzy Static grass tufts to the figure bases.  These were purchased from the great Warpainter on Ebay.  He also sells the 'FlockBox', it's a device that helps to make yours owns tufts (check out the web site for the science bit
One now resides in the humble abode, anyway my first attempts were ok, improvements needed

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