Friday, 21 June 2013

MAX2 Encounter at Los Pablos

The battlefield of Los Pablos
Mexicans, Imperial vs Republican now.  The year 1863, the place, the sleepy village of Los Pablos.  DBA15-19k rules, both 12 point armies.  The Republicans would be the attackers entering anywhere marked in green.  A small garrison would be on the table for the Imperials, the rest arriving in the red zone.

Imperial Mexican Army
1 x General, 2 x Cavalry (2pts), 1 x Artillery(1pt), 1 x Austrian Rifles(2pts), 7 x Rifles(7pts) = 12 pts

Republican Mexican Army
1 x General, 1 x Sub General (2pts), 2 x Militia Cavalry(2pts), 16 x Militia Rifles(8pts)  = 12 pts

The main difference would be in troop quality.  The Austrians classed as Crack (+1 Hit/Melee), The Republican Militia (-1Hit/Melee). The Republican Sub General would give them an extra PiP die roll.

Captain Diaz garrisons Los Pablos

The Republican Militia cavalry arrive in the south

Hordes of Republicans!! Viva Juarez!

More Republicans from the North road.

The Imperialist General heads for Los Pablos

PiPs are good for both sides, the table erupts in movement.

Nice view from the Imperialist Guns

Attack! Long live Juarez!!

BOOM! First blood to the Imperialists!

Cavalry Skirmish

Oh Dear! Republican Cavalry go for the guns....

Republicans storm the walls of Los Pablos....

The Austrian Legion go a 'hunting' in the Orchard...

More casualties for the Republicans

For Juarez! Storm the walls!!!!

Los Pablos is surrounded

The Republicans are inside!!!

Steady the line!

WWAaarrggh! The Mad Austrians storm out of the Orchard!

Captain Diaz & men, forces out the Republicans

What a scrap!!

BIFF! BASH! BOOM!  The Republicans are slaughtered...

Victory! Long Live Emperor Maximillian!!!!

Final Positions

What a bloodbath.  Despite the score it was a close run thing.  I love these small battles.  Troop Quality showed in the end.  The Austrians were unstoppable though they nearly got surrounded.  The Republicans threw too many '1s' on the PiP dice.

His Supreme Excellency, Emperor PiPPin Von Krums After Action Analysis

'1s' on PiP Rolls suck
'1s' on Combat Rolls suck
Jean has a long moustache...........

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Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

A great new battle report!

This is not a well-known war ,.. But it has so much potential for wargaming, as you have shown.

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