Sunday, 6 December 2015

Painting 6mm Figures

Painting 6mm Napoleonics or as I call them 'eye sight destroyers'.   I'm currently trying to put the finishing touches to our 6mm Germany 1813 Armies.  We've got plans to run a big re-fight of Lutzen. At a recent show,  I bumped into someone who follows the blog & we got talking about painting 6mm.  Here's a simple step by step for painting & basing.

Two finished French brigades

The figures are Heroics & Ros, with some Irregular.  These are French & Italian, Line & Light. The trick with the smaller scales is not paint fantastic individual figures.  Just good enough, so when they are put together 'en masse', the unit looks lovely.

On the painting tray, glued to sticks.   The MDF bases marked out.
Some existing painted figures were also glued to the bases. 

Figures on the sticks, basic colours applied

MDF Bases planned out

More colours applied, some miracle wash applied.

Belts, plumes & those fiddly bits.

Figures are now finished, the bases are painted brown & varnish applied. 

The figures are now glued to the bases

These Italians are in regimental Columns

Basetex is applied & left overnight to dry

Some Dry brushing for the earth tones & then some static grass.
I'll also 'touch up'  the figures closer to the edge of the base. 

Italian Light & Line Brigades

More Italians.....

French Line


Phil said...

A very impressive collection!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Phil!

The 'little fellas' are a obsessive labour of love that has been going on for 30 years! However I can see a possible end to project.

Keep up the good work