Wednesday, 3 November 2010

DBA 15-19K SYW Allies vs French

Dandy gentlemen with lovely handkerchiefs, play the harpsichords, it's Seven Years War action now.  The Prussians & British against ze French.  The Allies consisted of a General, 2 x Prussian Jagers(2), 2 x Prussian Cuirassiers(3) as Knights, 4 Prussian Muskets(3), 2 x Prussian Guards as Muskets(4), 1 x Prussian Artillery(3), 1 x British Cavalry(3), 2 x British Muskets(3), 1 x British Guards as Muskets(4) = 15 elements.  The French army, 1 General, 9 x muskets(3), 3 x Cavalry(3), 2 x Artillery(3) = 14 elements.  The Prussian Jagers would be deployed in the two villages.  The rest of the forces would be marching on the roads.

We would use the Recoil Attrition system, the numbers in brackets above showing the number of times a unit can Recoil before being destroyed.  Jack would play ze French & yours truly the Allies.

Prussian Cuirassiers attacking French Infantry

The Battlefield

French Cavalry in the vanguard
Dandy French General 'Garcon de Barcon' leads forward the foot. 

The British hurry to help their Allies
The Prussian army race to deploy, Baron Von Munchausen urges on the troops.
Good PiPs & they're all  given to the British
The Cavalry screen the deployment of the Infantry 
3 French Cavalry versus 2 Prussian Knights
The Cavalry fight it out, whilst the Prussians deploy into line
The French Line extends
Back & forth in the Cavalry action
The British wait until the French deploy....
The correct form observed, now its time to fight.  The French win the initial fire fight.
A new round & the British charge in....
'They don't like it up em'
Back & forth, back & forth....
The lines are drawn, overview at this point.
It's a tough fight 
First Blood to the Allies
The British make a breakthrough!
Next round & the French strike back....
 Musketry takes out one of the Cuirassiers, whilst the Cavalry destroy the other.
The lines advance until Musket range.
The British Cavalry goes for the flank & is cut off by the French.
The British Infantry gets stuck in.
The French are sent packing by the British

Oh No! The British Cavalry are destroyed.
Superb Prussian Musket fire destroys the French line!
Victory for the Allies.
Final overview of the battlefield.
It took many rounds to deploy both sides ready for action, but it was worth the wait.  Though the British were on their last recoils.  A very colourful game, I can see why the Seven Years War is popular.

Strangely Artillery didn't play much part in the game.  Jack did make a observation that Artillery doesn't seem that effective in our games.  Maybe we'll 'up' the combat factor for them in future games.


Chris Johnson said...


What figures did you use?


MrFarrow2U said...

Hi Chris

To be honest mate, I don't know. The French Cavalry are Essex & some of their are some Freikorps in there.


Barry said...

Hi MrF,

Great report as usual. The F&IW report is still my favorite though :o)



MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Barry, a few people liked that one!

All the Best

Chris said...

Yeah, I should have added that I loved your report. Your site is truly inspirational, by which I mean it constantly kicks me in the behind as to why I'm not gaming more. As I read your battle reports I keep thinking, "Hey, I've got figures like those! I could do that battle myself....Um, so why don't I?"

Regarding the photo of Smudgy--is that a no-static-cling sheet I see in there?

Best regards,


MrFarrow2U said...

Now Chris

Cheers mate, I think it

Unfortunately our main desktop has died, I'm using Jacks laptop at the mo. So there will be no more published reports until it's fixed...

Coming up next Captain Morgans attack on Panama!